With a Population and a Media Like Ours Who Needs Subversives?

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I can’t believe how accepting the press is of having Obama and Hillary make plans to import thousands of immigrants from third world countries into the U.S. They could very easily pose a great threat to our nation not to mention the massive costs involved. On the other hand, the media thinks Trump is evil and dangerous for suggesting a temporary ban on immigrants from countries known to be cultivating terrorists. It doesn’t make sense unless of course you’re an enemy of the country.

Aside from all the cries of evil, and the indignation of Obama and the GOP, we have a device on the books from 1952 entitled The Immigration and Nationality/McCarren-Walter Act used to deal with our enemies.  Jimmy Carter used it in 1979 to ban entry of Iranians into the country and to deport 15,000 of them. Iran was holding Americans as hostages at the time and they were not released until after Reagan took office. In spite of our history with them, this administration is giving Iran billions of dollars. I’m sure you remember the story about them chanting death to America after we made the deal to transfer the billions. But John Kerry assured us they didn’t really mean what they were saying.

It appears to me Obama, the GOP majority in Congress and the media are all complicit in advocating everything to the contrary of what’s beneficial for the welfare of the U.S. And if Hillary should be elected she will continue on the same course.

To demonize Donald Trump for what he wants to do for America is ludicrous. He wants to protect and restore us as we know he can with his record of grand accomplishments. The others want to dismantle us. If I had my way those who wish to see us absorbed into the new world order would set up their lives in a country more to their liking just before we revoke their citizenship.

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