Has anyone told you that YOU are in a war?

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In a conventional war, things are pretty straightforward. The opposing sides are well-defined the fronts established and the declarations of war are made. The war I will be addressing at this time is waged in far more insidious fashion. So much so that a vast number of those being attacked are not even cognizant of the fact that thy are being attacked. Tragically and even worse there are those being attacked that are actively participating in their own demise. This war is being conducted by applying the well-known practice of death by a thousand cuts. In fact, the death by a thousand cuts has been exercised with such stealth and precision that those having been cut multiple times already don’t even know they are bleeding.

At this time, I would humbly like to submit for your dissemination the facts as they appear on the ground right now. The events or more correctly the attacks from our past and this war’s inception. Define the enemy in its current form. Most important of all define the seminal battle that is currently in progress, which most certainly will impact the wars direction and outcome.

Before we delve into the war its self the original question needs to be addressed. Has anyone told you that You are in this war? Have you come to the realization upon honest reflection that yes YOU are under attack? Have you and those of like mind ever had a discussion and come to the conclusion this is indeed a war against You, your family, friends, associates and our Republic? If the answers to these questions remain a little fuzzy. Allow me to help you clarify your status with the following questions. Do you believe you’re worse off today than 8 years ago? Have you ever been ostracized, marginalized, or suppressed because of your beliefs whatever they may be? Do you feel that your ability to earn a living has been diminished and or suppressed? Do you feel apprehensive or feel apprehensive about, your spouse, your children, or friends using a public restroom? Do you avoid or feel apprehensive about going to public spaces and venues due to fear of attack? Do you feel uncomfortable in gun free zones? If you have answered yes to any or all these questions then You, my friend, are under attack and like it or not are a participant in this war. You have already been cut multiple times. It’s time to stop the bleeding. On to war !

It is my humble opinion that this war started in earnest on Jeckle Island in 1910. There may be some that disagree with that sighting much earlier incidents, you can go back to Jefferson or easily sight Jacksons battles against central banks. Those battles had more to do with a young nation still trying to get its footing and chart her course. Many more will point to Lincolns administration under whose watch our Republic was ripped from her moorings and set adrift in the ever-churning seas of democracy. An interesting footnote Lincoln and Marx were contemporaries and exchanged pleasantries via letters that were published Nov. 7, 1865. It is interesting to note this because at the time of the letters writing the Marxist had gained a foothold throughout Europe. Marx’s letter was clearly a probe to see if he and his devotees could curry favor from Lincoln and gain a foothold here. Which as we all know they eventually did. Back to my original point Jeckle Island. In 1910 a cabal of bankers, businessman , and politicians plotted to gain control of the economy. What better way to do so than control the distribution of our currency. So the Federal Reserve was born changing the socioeconomic structure of our Republic for generations to come until the present. So my friends we have been at war for a least 106 yrs. The next attack was in 1963 with the successful removal of God, prayer, and scripture from our schools. Then in 1973 Roe vs Wade which has torn 57 ml. beautiful souls from our ranks. Each one of these successful attacks has had a profound negative impact on the moral and spiritual fabric and psyche of our Republic. There certainly have been many more attacks that need to be addressed and even those just touched on need more scrutiny. I will in subsequent posts endeavor to do so.

In order to win a war, it is essential to identify your enemy. The more you understand who and what your enemy is. The more effectively you can combat them. In the mid-fifties and early sixties, Nikita Khrushchev was the Premiere of the USSR. A quote that has been attributed to him from that period is his stating that we, the USSR, will destroy you, the U.S., from within. There is a book by W. Cleon Skousen The Naked Communist which outlines this strategy with much precision. In that book, he gives a list of 49 expressed goals for the destruction of our Republic. I will provide a link to this list below as well as other links that pertain to this post. After you have read the list I defy you to tell me that the majority of them have not been already achieved and those not achieved are very close to being so. That’s right boys and girls the battle against “The Evil Empire” is far from over and in no way has even come close to being won yet.

The protagonists from the opposition are as follows. The point person is, of course, the pre-selected candidate of the Democrats Hillary Rodham Clinton. One of Clinton’s early heroes is none other than Saul Alinsky who is often described as a community activist and organizer. In reality, he was a deranged communist agitator with whom Clinton agrees with in philosophy. She admired him to such an extent that she wrote her college thesis about him. We will be addressing the plethora of Clintons issues as a ligament candidate for POTUS in future posts. Next, we have Bolshevik Bernie a true stalking horse if ever there was one. Make no mistake the whole purpose for his candidacy was to measure the level of acceptance by the populace for the socialist communist agenda. As we can see he did much better than expected. We also have the rank and file democrats who will dutifully snap into line once the democratic platform is established at their convention. The aforementioned are as it were the usual suspects along with the media in all its forms. Foot soldiers are an essential in any war and there is no lack of organizations that are willing to provide them when it comes to our adversaries. The list is endless. They have for the most part been conveniently placed under one banner, the gross misnomer Social Justice Warriors. Let’s not forget academia haveing been infiltrated and overtaken decades ago by “revolutionaries”. For the sake of brevity, I’ll conclude this list with this group. Republicans as sickening as it is and no matter if you want to hear or not it’s just the fact they are aligned with the Fascists . I’ll give you a litmus test. If you favorite Republican says things like this, I will support him but, he has the right to say it but, he has a right to do that but, but is a nullification of the statement precluding but. The more blatant portion of this group just refuses to endorse out of hand. In any case, these wretches are clearly traitors and are working to make sure Clinton is elected. You really must resign yourself to that fact so you can act accordingly. Make a list and don’t soon forget their treachery.

My fellow Americans we are currently in the seminal battle of the war for our Republic. In essentially every war there is a battle that has either turned the tide of the war in the opposite direction or applied the coup de gras to the soon to be vanquished. This election is that battle. I sincerely believe that at the end of this battle We the People will be the ones who have turned the tide of the war in our favor and secured the restoration of our Republic. With that said there is much to be done in order to achieve an overwhelming victory.

First, we must be crystal clear about who and what this election is about. If your perception about this election is that it is a race between a Republican and a Democrat and an exercise of our civic duty where everyone has a say and may the best man win. Well, you just haven’t been paying attention. This election is about We the People, Americans, and are there enough of us left to unify and come together in solidarity to defeat our common foe and set our Republic aright? The current propaganda states that all those in opposition to the Fascist are a bunch of angry white guys who can not muster enough votes for a victory. What we are seeing on the ground, however, is the exact opposite people from every ethnic group, religion and orientation are starting to grasp the inherent danger that we are all in and rallying to the cause. They have put aside their personal difference and stepped up to do what is right. Every one of these people is without question a true American. We all should be diligent to follow suit putting aside our differences and embrace our fellow Americans with love couched in our inalienable right to pursue live liberty and happiness however we choose to exercise those rights.

As previously stated this election is not between the Republicans and Democrats no. This race is between the Socialist Marxist-Stalinist Maoist Fascists and Americans. So to put in the context of parties this race is between the Socialist Fascist Party and the We the People American Party. The great thing here is that as much as the Fascists wanted this election to be between two preselected Democrat and Republican candidates, that are two sides of the same coin, in order to give us the illusion of actually having a choice. Instead, Providence has stepped in and provided We the People with a candidate who will champion our cause and lead us in the restoration of our Republic, Donald J Trump. Thus, the apple cart has been overturned and the complexion of the race has drastically changed to give us a fighting chance to restore our Republic. No longer can Clinton and her cabal hide behind the normalcy of just being a Democrat. Mr. Trump has been able to unmask not only Hillary and her fascist cohorts but their intentions and methods as well. He has done this using the simplest of methods, one that terrifies the Fascists, telling the truth with honest sincerity. By calling a spade a spade and not being concerned with the pearl clutching, wailing and foot stomping that is sure to follow any of his statements, he has effectively started to erode their facade. As an electorate, Mr. Trumps efforts have afforded us a clear picture of the opponent and stripped away any notion of politics as usual. For the first time in decades We the People will be able to really chose our next president and the future corse of the Republic.

There is no time for celebrations yet. There is work to be done and struggle that yet awaits us. The struggle will be to not become distracted by side issues, baseless attacks, false polling numbers,and a never-ending narrative that tells us we can’t win or allow ourselves to be balkanized, a staple in the Fascists strategy. We must remain focused on our main goal of defeating the Fascists by electing Donald J. Trump as our next two term president. We must come together as a unified people standing in solidarity as Americans to restore our Republic. Another struggle for some maybe a reluctance to wear their Trump hat or Trump shirt because they have a real concern about being attacked. Some may not apply their bumper stickers or put out their yard signs for the same reason. Folks my beautiful brothers and sisters this is just what the Fascists want. If you give in to those fears they have already won by stifling your voice. Don’t let them win. Maybe we can organize a unity for Trump day where everybody wears or displays their Trump stuff. That would show the fascist that they are the ones that are outnumbered not us, a fact I believe they already know. In the lack of such an event, we can still make an effort to wear and display our Trump stuff. The more we display our allegiance to this movement the more others will see there is a groundswell of people in the movement and come aboard. If we can’t do that we can all do more to carry the message to family, friends, and neighbors. We should not stop within our sphere of influence however but move past our comfort zones and reach out to as many people as we can. The most effective tool to forward any cause is and has always been the word of mouth. That’s why the Fascist are hard at work manipulating our language. A subject that I will bring to light in a future post. You can also put your money where your mouth is by donating to a Super PAC closely aligned with Mr. Trumps campaign.

The annals of history are replete with accounts of peoples under oppression in a war to throw off their oppressors with little hope of victory. Then the hand of Providence provides a path to victory by which they can vanquish their oppressors. That path could only be obtained through a choice. If they choose correctly they would be victorious if not they would be overcome and for countless generations and languish under the heel of their oppressors. It is my heartfelt belief that Providence has provided We the People with just such a choice. If we choose correctly and do not wilt in the heat of this seminal battle, victory will be ours . We then can begin as Americans in a unity of purpose to Make America Great again for everyone. If we choose incorrectly then the boot of Socialist Fascist Tolateriaism will be on our necks for untold generations to come. It is my humble prayer that We the People will choose correctly and win this seminal battle and turn the war in our favor. Then we can begin to set our Republic on her rightful footing and once again She will be that Shining City on a Hill.

Long live our Republic.

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