Mr. Republican! Donald Trump Hits INCREDIBLE New Milestone…No One Expected THIS!

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His opponents have claimed that he is the least Republican Republican to ever run for president.

An entire movement #NeverTrump has grown up within his own party to oppose him.

The Speaker of the House and the last Republican President both refuse to endorse him along with a host of other Party grandees.

On top of all of all of that, the media has been knuckling its collective brow for months claiming that Trump couldn’t consolidate the Republican vote once he claimed the nomination.

Well, so much for all of that!

Donald Trump is in a statistical tie with Mitt Romney for Republican support one month after claiming the nomination. On top of that, he has won more votes than any Republican nominee…ever. Not bad for a guy who wasn’t even taken seriously a year ago!

HotAir has more…

To some extent, what you’re seeing in Trump’s support has less to do with Trump, I think, than the hardening of partisanship over the last few decades. In Reagan’s day the parties were more heterodox and therefore it was less unusual for voters to consider crossing the aisle. Clearly that’s changed over time, to the point that no GOP nominee has failed to crack 80 percent in this metric since 1996 — and that was a year that Perot ran (again), providing an added lure for GOP voters who weren’t keen on Dole to defect. I don’t mean to take anything away from Trump in saying that; he’s the first nominee the party’s had since Reagan who doesn’t claim to be a movement conservative, which, one would think, would cause him special problems unifying the GOP. If those problems ever existed, the fact that he’s overcome them so quickly is an achievement.


Source: HotAir

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