Rick Klein: ‘It’s Over, Bernie’

Rick Klein: “If delegates didn’t exist, and the popular vote alone counted, Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee. If superdelegates didn’t exist, and only pledged delegates determined the outcome, Clinton would be the Democratic nominee. If only superdelegates mattered, and party insiders alone chose the presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee. As it is, under the set of rules all candidates knew were in place when they entered the race, Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.”

“Bernie Sanders has railed against a ‘rigged’ system and a closed process he says disenfranchises his supporters. But the fact is that, where the world now stands, the only way Sanders can become the Democratic nominee is if party insiders rig the process for him.”

“But you also have to give credit to Sanders. It’s really not fair to say he lost this contest; instead, he gave Clinton a race that no one saw coming, especially over the last three months.”

(via: Political Wire)

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