BREAKING: Police Chief’s Real ID Found Out After Allowing Trump Fans to Be Beaten

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The controversial San Jose, California, police chief who admitted that he kept his officers in formation instead of protecting Donald Trump supporters during a rally in San Jose last week has been linked with a Hispanic extremist organization that has openly denounced the presumed Republican presidential nominee on numerous occasions.

According to the The San Jose Mercury News, San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia told reporters that it was more important to hold what he called their “skirmish line” than to stop the attacks on individual Donald Trump supporters during last Thursday’s “protests” (read: riot) outside the San Jose Convention Center.

Video showed protesters throwing traffic cones, water bottles and punches at Trump supporters. In one case, a protester’s Trump shirt was ripped off his back by a rioter, and in another, multiple rioters surrounded a car and kicked in its taillights.

“We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters,” Chief Garcia told reporters.

He said that unless the riot was “spiraling out of control,” he preferred to keep the skirmish line.

However, the chief’s impartiality was called into question when it was revealed he had been involved with theNational Council of La Raza, a far left Hispanic organization whose supporters have frequently clashed with Trump.

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