BREAKING: New Poll Delivers Very Bad News To Hillary… Trump Is Smiling

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Things have not been looking good for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in many ways. She not only has to deal with the numerous scandals that plague her campaign, but also her philandering husband’s past that continues to rear its ugly head.

The last thing she needs is rival Bernie Sanders edging up on her in polls — especially in California. One would think, at this point in the game, Clinton would have sent the Vermont senator home, but as it turns out, Sanders has been giving Clinton a run for her money.

And Sanders’ refusal to go home appears to be one of Clinton’s biggest worries.

A recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll showed Sanders leading with 44 percent to Clinton’s 43 percent. The poll results, released Thursday evening, showed that Sanders has found a source of Democrat voters that could spell trouble for Clinton.

“Bernie Sanders has tapped into a wellspring of support in the Democratic primary over the last several weeks and he’s closing with a rush,” said Dan Schnur, director of USC’s Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics told The Hill.

“If Clinton manages to hold him off and win the primary, it would be as a result of a low turnout that tilts the electorate in her direction,” he added.

That’s especially bad news for Clinton, who hasn’t managed to shake off the self-described socialist despite her best efforts. To make matters worse, Sanders has vowed to fight up until the Democrat nomination, hoping to convince superdelegates to vote for him.

Either way you look at this, this poll is bad news for Clinton, who should be focusing her sight on GOP presidential rival Donald Trump at this point.

However, it must be hard to focus on what’s ahead when she has so much from the past weighing her down.

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