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Veterans Group Makes HUGE Announcement Regarding Donald Trump Presidency

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For the few days, the national political press has been focused on Donald Trump slamming Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for his career-long efforts against the conservative cause.

But the important question is, what do veterans think about Trump’s attacks? As it turns out, the Veterans for a Strong America, an Iraq and Afghanistan veterans organization issued the following statement Saturday in support of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

They support Trump and oppose McCain, as they want to see a robust national defense, our veterans taken care of, and the border secured. It is clear that Donald Trump is solid on the issues veterans care about most…

“Donald Trump was recently extremely well received in Arizona while discussing national security and border security. Senator John McCain’s reaction to Mr. Trump’s success in Arizona is instructive in that it belies a concern the Senator clearly has about how his stance on issues like immigration are perceived by his constituents.

The feuding between Mr. Trump and Senator McCain has nothing to do with Mr. Trump’s high regard for the military or veterans as a whole. Mr. Trump is supporter of the U.S. military and of America’s veterans. It is well known that when Mr. Trump is attacked by a detractor, he swings back. As veterans, we do not hide behind military service to deflect criticism, and when Senator McCain attacked, Mr. Trump hit back.

We are glad that Mr. Trump has clarified his remarks to acknowledge that Senator McCain is a war hero. But, Senator McCain is also a politician and what Donald Trump has tapped into is that people just don’t trust politicians and the slow pace the Congress is moving in addressing critical issues like border security, veteran’s issues and military funding. Donald Trump has a history of calling out people and groups that don’t deliver results. There are clearly problems that are being identified by Donald Trump, that are not being adequately addressed by the political leadership in Congress and the Administration today.

Phraseology aside, what the American people are really concerned about is how 250,000 veterans – who are also heroes – were put onto a VA death list, why 40,000 active troops are going to receive pink slips over the next four years and why border security is not addressed even as our porous border results in more financial strain on our country and southern border states’ budgets.”

What do you think of this group of veterans supporting Trump in 2016? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.

(via: The Political Insider)

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