Shocking New Photo Surfaces of UCLA Shooter – This Is Chilling..

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A look at the time right before tragedy struck is piercingly shared through these pictures that have emerged since the UCLA lockdown yesterday. They truly are chilling…

The victim in Wednesday’s UCLA shooting has been identified as Professor William S. Klug. According to local media, a student upset about grade shot and killed Klug before turning the gun on himself.

Two people were killed Wednesday morning in a murder-suicide at the University of California-Los Angeles, according to police, and the campus was reopened after a lockdown lasting about two hours.

“The campus is now safe,” Charlie Beck, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, said at a news conference. “The issue that occurred has been contained.”

Beck said police could not immediately confirm the identities of the two people killed, their relationship or their roles at the school, saying only that they were both men. “Many, many questions are unanswered at this point,” Beck said.








Prayers going out to all those affected by this tragedy. Hopefully there is an out pour of support going out to the families of the victims, and the students and staff of UCLA that will never forget this fateful day.

[VIA Right Wing News]

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