Poll: Are You Outraged By A Lesbian Couple In The New Pixar Cartoon?

USA Today has reported that observant spectators of the recently released trailer of the upcoming Pixar film, Finding Dory, noticed that the cartoon may depict the first lesbian couple in a Disney-Pixar film.


In the latest trailer (at the 1:07 mark), Hank the Octopus (voiced by Ed O’Neill) ends up in a baby carriage next to two women who pick up a tot’s dropped sippy cup.

“Poor baby, let me get that for you,” one says as both go wide-eyed at the sight of an octopus.

The brief, inconclusive depiction was enough to kickstart a trending discussion.

Is it an outrage that Disney-Pixar would be depicting a lesbian couple in their latest film? Take the poll below!

What do you think?

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