VIDEO: Hispanic Trump Supporter SHUTS DOWN Hispanic Trump Hater At Rally

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As Donald Trump has continued to campaign around America, large numbers of protesters have gathered outside his rallies and venues, protesting some of his statements about illegal immigrants.

These protests have often turned violent, leading to large numbers of arrests and injuries. At a Trump rally in San Diego last week, “protesters” turned into “rioters” when police tried to keep them under control.

These protesters — many of them carrying Mexican flags, according to the Gateway Pundit — seemed to think that America should be turned into Mexico, complete with the rampant drugs, crime and corruption. The protesters had all sorts of stupid slogans, such as “Make America Mexico Again.”

Confronting the protesters were several Hispanic Trump supporters who were being verbally harassed by the protesters. Apparently, they can’t stand the thought of Hispanics actually supporting Trump’s policies.

The Hispanic Trump supporters weren’t taking any of it and repeatedly shouted at the anti-Trump crowd to “Go back to Mexico,” which didn’t really calm anything down.

“You like it (Mexico) so much? Go back!” the pro-Trump Hispanics yelled.

The anti-Trump protesters seem to forget that in America everyone is entitled to their own opinion — and that people can support Trump even if they are Hispanic.

“They can have their voice … that doesn’t give you the right to be violent or disrespectful,” explained one of the Hispanic Trump supporters after the confrontation was over.

For many months, these anti-Trump crowds have been rioting and looting various cities across America, causing thousands of dollars in property damage because they don’t like Trump.

People can protest Trump all they want, but swearing, jumping on police cars and burning American flags is no way to have a civil dialogue about Trump’s commentary.

If these people want to riot and rampage so much, why don’t they go do it in their own countries and see how long they last?

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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