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Poll: Will Donald Trump Prosecute Hillary Clinton If He Becomes President?

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Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has engulfed her campaign for the last several months.  Many, however, believe that she will not have charges brought against her due to a friendly administration.  Her worst nightmare could be the election of Donald Trump, who has said recently that he would have to look into prosecuting her.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked Trump in front of a live Nevada audience if his attorney general would go after Clinton should an investigation find she broke the law while serving in the Obama administration.

“You have no choice,” Trump replied. “In fairness, you have to look into that.”

“She seems to be guilty,” he said. “But you know what, I wouldn’t even say that.”

“But certainly, it has to be looked at,” Trump added. “If a Republican wins, if I’m winning, certainly you will look at that as being fair to anyone else. So unfair to the people that have been prosecuted over the years for doing much less than she did.”

Do you believe Trump will prosecute Hillary if he is elected? [take the poll below]

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