Trump Super PAC Aims To Take Down Clinton Campaign

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A new pro-Trump super-PAC has gone on the warpath, looking to raise as much money as possible for the upcoming election in the fall, and its well on its way.

The committee, known as the Committee for American Sovereignty, has already raised nearly two million dollars, according to spokesman Doug Watts, and it expects to bring in a total of $20 million by the July national convention, according to The Hill.

Super-PACs can’t legally coordinate with campaigns — and officially, they don’t. However, many are deducing a connection solely from the list of people involved with the committee, which includes business associates of presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, former military members, and even Phyllis Schafly.

Dr. Ben Carson’s former campaign spokesman, Watts, hoped to use the team to focus on voter targeting.

“With the recent announcement that a pro-Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC has already booked over $90 million in ad time in just seven states in June, it is clear we need to ramp up major donor fundraising efforts, unify Republicans and take on the Clinton machine,” he said. “We have already begun to raise significant funds in California and from supporters across the country.”

This committee will not accept donations from special interest groups, an acknowledgement of Trump’s determination to not be in anybody’s pocket. However, all of this is a radical departure from Trump’s previous campaign style, which was self-funded almost completely.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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