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BREAKING: Trump Just Found The Source of The White House Leaks! This is UNBELIEVABLE!

Someone in the Trump Administration has been repeatedly leaking information to the “fake news” media, which has only been too happy to run with it.

It seems we may now know who that mole is, and WHY she was doing everything possible to damage the Trump White House.

The source of the leaks is believed to be National Security Council member Dina Powell.

Her presence in the White House is a major mystery given her recent political background.

From GotNews:

We all know she slept her way to the top of NSC, working her way from the receptionist desk at Dick Armey’s office,” notes one NSC staffer. “She has zero qualifications and given her ties to Huma Abedin is a security risk.”

It’s true that Powell has a lot of powerful neocon connections.

But what’s also known is that she’s a good buddy of Huma Abedin, and is a member of Hillary Clinton’s “Vital Voices.”

This is NOT the kind of person Trump needs staffing his National Security Council, even under the best of terms.

And if she indeed is behind the media leaks, then an example needs to be made.


(via: Conservative Post)

147 comments on “BREAKING: Trump Just Found The Source of The White House Leaks! This is UNBELIEVABLE!
  1. Daria Miedzinski on said:

    Get rid of her NOW! She is a traitor to our country. She needs to face the
    music of reality and get rid of the leak. Now not later.

  2. Rob Porter on said:

    The big question is why Trump’s stuff were so stupid as to allow her to remain in the job after Obama left.

    • Patti 🦁👑 on said:

      Gee are you perfect and never make a mistake ??? President Trump is doing a great job, I look at all his accomplishments in less than 120 days and he is still keeping his promises to us who voted for him…..liberals are doing everything to stop him as they are socialists and want globalism…..

      • Rob Porter on said:

        Yup, I’m so perfect I never make mistakes!!!!!! For his own sake and that of the country I would like to see him ruthlessly get rid of all treacherous elements still in his government from the Obama Administration.

          • Rob Porter on said:

            You’re a perfect example of someone whose powers of deduction and reason are dismally poor. I say something that reflects realism, not what I would like to exists, and to you that means I’m on the other side.

          • ward on said:

            Your post indicated a perfect example of a narcistic libtard ass & you changed the image in another post & realized you were joking so retracted my view 10 posts down ….sorry .

          • Rob Porter on said:

            Thank you. I’ve never, not even remotely, been a “libtard”. I might criticize Trump for not being more wide awake to the individuals in his Administration who are undermining him, but I want him to succeed. For all its shortcomings his speech in Saudi Arabia today will win him some points, not least because it was composed and composed in a serious, firm and composed manner. Just a pity he didn’t point out to the Muslims there that “the terrorists” are coming from THEIR countries.

          • Patti 🦁👑 on said:

            Your crazy I never said I’m perfect, just give Trump a break….you don’t read well you need glasses ?????

          • ward on said:

            The post of perfect claim was for rob porter not you & if you read further down the posts line the explanation is easy to read with out glasses …

        • loafing on said:

          I am like you Rob, so far this year I have made one mistake and it was I thought I made a mistake, but didn’t

      • Bobwhite on said:

        I voted for Trump and I support Trump but in my opinion Rob Porter raised a legitimate question. Anyone even remotely associated with the traitorous Obama is at best a scoundrel.

        • ward on said:

          Read & heed Ward’s post about our POTUS’ time in office then think what you could do ! Four months against bo’s abuse of power, treasonous appointments in 8 years … ???

        • Last of the patriots on said:

          The problem is, there are so many corrupt. That it’s going to take time to weed them out, with evidence. President Trump has done more for this country in a few months, then any President has done in 60 yrs. Pickin bad Apple’s out of a bushel isn’t easy either

          • ward on said:

            The whole damned bo appointed crony administration was corrupt for 8 years …. !

          • Cynthia Osbun on said:

            TRUE and I really do hope that those he knows have leaked, must serve as example, as to who commits treason in ANY FASHION…..we the people, have had more than enough of these people…..hang someone…that might slow down these crime sprees the globalists/democrats have committed and have them running scared…they’ve had no consequences so far, so why not keep pushing the envelope!!!

      • Vince on said:

        Patti you are als correct but getting 0bummer’s people out of the WH should have been step one.

    • Mildrednbowman on said:

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      • Rob Porter on said:

        Correct, it was naively trusting and really quite stupid. It’s my impression that Trump’s team are either fast asleep or not very bright, but they are letting him down horribly. I would like to see him fulfill every thing he promised his supporters, like the wall, but with treacherous Republicans acting in conjunction with the Democrats – vile, filthy, traitorous people- it’s making it mighty difficult. Liberals it is now evident, are low-life, low-class, slightly (at least) mentally deranged bits of human vermin. Like devout Muslim they are sworn enemies.

        • ward on said:

          Your post now sounds like a real Patriot & not a damn dem libtard … I retract my post as you being a dem example of an ass which is lower than whale shit & libtards prove it … !

          • ward on said:


          • Phannesa on said:

            Thanks for your rude answer. I am a Trump supporter and a thinking person may understand that I was referring to his inner circle. The person commenting before you did! Watch your prejudices!

          • ward on said:

            Notice the wrong wording was changed & I know you think you read what you think I posted but what I posted was not what I meant ….

          • Rob Porter on said:

            Hopefully Mike Pence, but after that I get worried because NSA McMaster is clueless about Islam and thinks that ISIS and other savage Islamic groups simply”pervert Islam”. That is just terrible nonsense. And now I’ve learned that Secretary of State Tillerson in a tv interview was horribly politically correct over Israel. Evidently he wants to play both sides, Israel and Hamas rather than pick a side. I’ve heard that Trump is not so excited about Sean Spicer, but I think that under very difficult circumstances when dealing with the media scum, he’d doing pretty well. I’m pretty sure that Trey Gowdy is on his side and that is good, but he could do with lots more friends..

      • ward on said:

        Cloak and dagger deceit by bo& his supporting lying appointments … ! The facts about sleeping her way to the top positions of destruction against Trump & the U.S. is same as hilary’s crimes !

    • Dennise Johnston on said:

      because even the rino’s are making it hard to get his people confirmed and into their jobs. McCain is one that is holding up the vetting on Trumps people! Our president is not only fighting the left and MSM but also the elitist Republicans that have done everything in their power to stop the Trump agenda!

      • Dennise you are correct, But HOW do you get rid slime bags like McSTAIN?
        At this point the repuGNANTS are as bad IF not worse then the demoRATS.
        Go TRUMP……….

      • Carolkitfox on said:

        And McCain should be brought up on chages as he is up there in Never Trump, he was and WAS a war hero and is now a traitor to his country. I am ashamed of him.

        • Dennise Johnston on said:

          he was never a hero. Ask any of the real heroes that were in Vietnam with him… Hence the name Hanoi John!

          • Cynthia Osbun on said:

            Jane Fonda should be brought in as a traitor and punished with the rest of them too…she caused a lot of problems over there…..John Kerry is a POS too.

          • Marie Palmatier on said:

            Dennise, I’ve heard that before from very reliable sources! Sad. . .

      • molly on said:

        DOWN WITH McCAIN! OUT! with him, as he has proven to be a TRAITOR .
        He is a Democrat,posing as a Repub. It is obvious .

      • Rob Porter on said:

        I am amazed and disgusted by what I see. The treachery from those you’d expect to support Trump him is terrible. To his credit Rand Paul wasn’t initially a Trump enthusiast, but after Trump won he had the decency to get on side. Did these RINOs really think Hillary would be better. She like Barack Obama and his wife – or whatever it is – is just filth. You better pray really hard to God almighty!

    • ward on said:

      Trump cannot do everything in 4 months to get rid of all the crony criminals bo appointed in 8 years … !

    • Sandy Miller on said:

      I agree Rob Porter. If anyone can turn this country around, our sitting Potus can and has done great work in a short time. However, he is fighting against Obama crony’s every step of the way and some of those Obama crony’s are getting paid by we the taxpayers as they interfere with business. That is why every last one has to go.

      • Joan Landreth on said:

        Absolutely! No one can work with those who are against you. They will never change their liberal attitudes or ever have respect for our President. What employer would have people like this working in their company? Time to clean house.

    • ward on said:

      To flush out the rest of the stench & nail all the dem libtard traitors for high treason ! HANG ‘EM HIGH !

    • Patti 🦁👑 on said:

      Are you perfect ?? Do you make mistakes ?? In hindsight yes but what matters is today…President Trump is a tremendous president and liberal scum is trying to destroy a Man who loves America, we the people and will do anything they can to have a socialist country like Cuba or Muslim one 👎👎👎haters

  3. Patti 🦁👑 on said:

    She should be prosecuted and anyone else that she is connected with she is a traitor!!
    Truth always comes out…….

  4. Bobwhite on said:

    When and if President Trump discovers the person responsible for these
    leaks definitely should be made an example of. If that back shooting cur broke
    any laws by doing the leaking he/she should be prosecuted to the full extent of
    the law.

  5. Fam4Evr on said:

    Even before President Trump moved into the White House, I was hoping he would have had a trusted security team sweep the entire White House and any and all other Federal govt. buildings he would find himself in. Sweep everything for electronic bugs, cameras, etc. But he also should have had EVERY SINGLE EXISTING FEDERAL EMPLOYEE checked out, too! Check their backgrounds, who hired them, where their loyalties lie. If they were Clintonites or Obamallama-ding-dongs, then they should have been considered security risks, and sent packing! I realize that most of Washington D.C. is filled with Socialists, Communists, and Marxists (Demoncraps), as one had been squatting in the White House for the last eight years, so it is probably hard for President Trump to find good help to hire. But I don’t care if new employees have to commute in from the suburbs, he needs to go scout for new government workers from patriotic American, religious communities. At least with those people, and starting fresh, he may be able to have an honest staff that he could count on.

    Another thing President Trump ought to do, is his security detail needs to initiate random spot checks of employees’ lockers, computers, and electronic devices. That is done to employees in the common American work force all the time, especially if you work in retail. (Okay, a common retail worker doesn’t need their cellphone searched, but they aren’t trading in Federal secrets.) As a member of the management team at a bookstore in the past, it was not uncommon to have the regional loss prevention agent come in and check the store’s security cameras whenever theft was suspected from one of the employees. The LP agent would stay there for days, studying security video scans until they found the thief. But at any time, the LP agent or our District Manager could stop by and search the employees’ lockers, and even the management staffs’ desks, to make sure they did not contain any unpaid-for merchandise. No employee, even in the management staff, could leave the store to go to lunch each day, or at the end of their shift, without having their bags checked by a manager or supervisor. Now, if a retail business uses such stringent security measures to avoid insider theft, is our Federal Government as stringent in checking individual workers for theft of govt. secrets? If not, then why not?!! I would think classified government documents and secrets are a whole lot more important on the grand scale of things than a retail worker trying to steal a CD or a book from their employer.

    • ward on said:

      Sometimes it is difficult to flush out deceitful liars like bo & cronies but they will create their own demise !

    • molly on said:

      SECURE the White House!
      Dems are DEDICATED to Dems. THIS IS A RISK to the leadership of our President, AND to ALL others that he has placed into positions.
      Such traitors need to be all rounded up, and punished to a MOST SEVERE extent.
      TRAITORS ARE ALWAYS FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER;they,SHARE information and are a risk to America and we, as citizens- DEMAND! A HIGHLY INTENSE INVESTIGATION of ALL, in positions, starting with those within the White House.
      Republicans included to be investigated!
      SEEK OUT ALL traitors, and send them to prison!
      Within the White House,those who are Always seeking to STAB President Trump and his placements.
      ALL, ARE a threat to President Trump, and ALL America.
      INSTALL Trey Gowdy to purge the White House!

      • Cynthia Osbun on said:

        I believe the RINOS can be the biggest source of problems for him, because THEY are registered only as Republicans FOR THE VOTES, then they get in and do whatever damage they can, anyway…such as McCain, Graham and Ryan…..to trust any of them, is risky…..he needs to just be very careful of who is in on briefings, because we know that swamp is deep and VERY WIDE….

        • ward on said:

          These rino bastards are not worth the powder to blow themselves to hell but worth the rope to hang every damned one of the SOB’s, slowly in a tall oak tree & public viewing !

  6. Jean Langford M. on said:

    There is a reason that allowed her to stay…It is a simple reason…Find her contacts within the “DEEP STATE”……Then follow their CONTACTS…THE SPIDER WEBB then is enlarged and you find the TRAITORS…..SIMPLE….AND A STANDARD METHOD USED BEFORE THE “KILL.”

  7. ward on said:

    The stench of bo & hilary has to be totally removed from U.S. Goverbnment to “Make the U.S.A. Great Again” … ! The bottom line for any real justice is bo & all his support libtard dem cronies indicted & prosecuted for treason … !

    • George E. LeFebvre on said:

      To be sure, not only Obama’s Plants but atleast two RINO’s need to be purged for trying to continually
      hurt President Trumps agenda to fix the country. That would be SENILE McCain and Lindsay Graham both are a disgrace to the positions they hold.

      • ward on said:

        YES; Both are a disgrace to U.S. Patriotic Citizens but butt head traitor mac is AZ’s senator that we are stuck with & the ONLY REASON HE GOT VOTED IN WAS THE SUPPOSED, ” LESSER OF THE 2 EVILS …” A DAMNED dem or mac WHICH TURNED OUT AS A DISGRACE TO AZ !

  8. BigC on said:

    She and all the other PsOS trying to undermine the president, need to be prosecuted for subversion!!

  9. Sandy Miller on said:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the POTUS is ever going to learn. Every Obama holdover has to go. From the employee on the lowest rung of the ladder to the highest.

    • ward on said:

      GIVE him time … It’s only been 4 months …. ! bo appointed all these treasonous criminals in 8 years … !

  10. Janet on said:

    If enough proof is available to insure conviction, they need to proceed on the road to prosecution. In the meantime, she needs to be removed from her position pending whatever more investigation necessary to arrest and charge her. It appears that any person that has similar connections or was appointed by Obama needs to be vetted to an extent never used before and removed from any government position if there is even a hint that they are anti-Trump and will work against his administration or will leak confidential information

    • ward on said:

      “Enough Proof” was stated in this conservative post to nail her for collusion and sedation to undermine the POTUS and destroy U.S. National Security which is this bitches indictment proof for high treason.. ! She is no doubt an enemy of the U.S.A. & probably a muslim satanic cult leader of hilary & her weiner spouse … ! Hang ’em high & watch ’em kick in public view for a real justice penalty of high treason … !

  11. The_Frog_Prince on said:

    There was a report about the woman a while back. I believe they have been feeding her fake news to see if she is the mole.

    • ward on said:

      NO “probably” about the #’s of dem libtard traitors bo appointed that have to be eliminated very soon … !

    • ward on said:

      Firing is a concluded fact but indictments & prosecution for her crimes is mandatory for real justice … !

  12. VirgoVince on said:

    EXECUTION by HANGING is the proper penalty for TREASON!!
    The ENTIRE ovomit regime and ALL comrades!
    WE have lotsa rope and lotsa trees, just NEED a DATE & TIME!!,

  13. Hatin' on Killary on said:

    I feel he needs to call together every dept. head, and ask for a list of all obummer’s appointed staff. Then systematically dump them all. Better to be short handed than have traitors in there…

    • ward on said:

      Trump knows the bo appointed traitors will hang themselves with less cost to tax payers … ! They will also squeal on each other when caught and that gets all the traitors out of circulation permanently … !

  14. Carolkitfox on said:

    Not only fire her but charge her with treason and let her rot in prison, where some others also belong.

    • ward on said:

      NO prison time; costs tax payers she screwed ! Hang “em High for really sure justice ! Rope’s cheap !

      • Carolkitfox on said:

        My answer is firing squad, traitors used to be killed and the ones we have now should be too.

  15. Tonya Parnell on said:


    • ward on said:

      NOT after the bastard bo crony got into the FBI … ! That was the plan to create the bo collusion .. !

  16. Gretta on said:

    Then, why haven’t we heard about her being fired and charged with treason, espionage, fraud, and whatever else they can charge her with. This is ridiculous! Is the White House, the FBI, the CIA, the Congress, and the entire media afraid of this liberal democrat communist traitor?

    I know the answer, it’s because she’s a beloved democrat, above the law, exempt from the law, protected by the elite, and protected by the media, Hollywood, and by every elite above the law democrat.

    Trump should have fired EVERY Hussein Obama and democrat holdover swamp creatures, ALL OF THEM. This is the cause of the leaks. They are getting rid of him before he gets rid of them.

    Not getting rid of Comey, Powell, and everyone of them on day one was his first mistake, and it was a HUGE mistake because they have made life miserable for him and us because if they can’t obstruct, they are spreading lies and rumors to convince the public that they made a mistake by voting for him. These unscrupulous jerks fight dirty, fight unfair, they have no morals, no ideals, no ethics, no integrity, no character, no love of our country. They don’t mind destroying our country to get their way, because their agenda is to destroy us for the elite communist UN takeover anyway.

    Meanwhile, our spoiled, uncaring, lazy citizens out there don’t have any workable brain cells to figure out that the elite liberal democrats are now communists and are taking away everything that we hold dear. These scum bags work for themselves,. It’s all about greed to control our tax dollars, and power and control over every American citizen. They are destroying our USA for absolute power and control over us.

    Absolute power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The liberal democrats are absolutely corrupt, their souls are black as tar, evil. They have surrendered to the dark side totally and completely. They are bullies to anyone who does not obey them, they brow beat, poke fun of, mock, slander, smear, tell lies, spread false rumors to discredit and besmirch our character.

    They pit us against each other, use use the race card for hate, division, to divide and conquer. It’s straight out of the communist Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”. This communist dedicated his book to Lucifer, the devil, and he wrote it to teach his comrades how to destroy a country and “fundamentally transform” it into a communist country. His main objective and how to do it the fastest is to divide and conquer with hate, racism, riots, violence, chaos, infiltrate the government, the school systems, teach our children to hate America, and even infiltrate our churches with communist comrades, and target Christians and conservatives in office to destroy them.

    This is exactly what we are seeing. Wake up America, teach and inform your friends and your family about what is really happening around them. Life as we know it is about to come to a screeching halt if we don’t help Trump and do something ourselves. It will be our fault if we sit back with our thumbs up our behinds and let them take everything away from us that we hold dear. We are absolute insane fools if we sit back and do nothing. They are so used to getting their way over the past 8 years that they think we don’t care what they do. We have empowered them to think they own us and our country and that it is their duty to do what they want to do.

    They make the decision to make us a communist country, to hand our country and our sovereignty over to the communist globalist UN to tax us into poverty, as they take over our bank accounts, our homes, our land, and every aspect of our lives. Obamacare (or lack thereof) was designed to take over our lives, because they KNOW that everyone is at the mercy of the elite politicians to take care of their healthcare needs. It isn’t just healthcare inside that monstrous obamacare, they have total control over death, medicine, taxes, bank accounts, property, and every aspect of our lives. This is one reason they are so furious with losing power and control of the White House and Congress. They lost control over our citizens and they are acting like the devil’s minions, they are at war with each and every citizen to get their control back… especially Trump, because he is the ONLY one who bucks them, the only one who has EVER stood up to them.

    He is alone, we are abandoning him, and we should be ashamed for not helping him. We should turn off all liberals, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, SNL, WaPo, Hollywood, all the hateful liberals who gang up on him and slander him. We have the power to turn these demonic people off, we have the purse strings to not buy their movie tickets and their CDs DVDs.

    If we don’t we are giving them power to destroy our country, and we will rue the day we didn’t do our part to stop them, because Trump is outnumbered, and he can’t fight this epic battle by himself. It is a shame that we threw him into the swamp snake pit to be abused, lied about, accused of false things that could put him in prison for what he didn’t do. This is a crime for them to do this, and it’s evil, and if wd don’t at least use our own means to turn these people OFF and show our outrage, we are absolute fools.

  17. Laurie Schlessman on said:

    Talk about conflict of interest, get her out of there no matter what she is or is not doing! We know one thing, she’s on Killary’s side so she’s a liar..!

  18. Gerry Costa on said:

    IF THIS IS FACTUAL and not more of the lame media’s BS then she should be gone yesterday. Question is — with all the connections with the witch clinton and her hump buddy abedin — why was she there in the first place ?????????

  19. Askjrsk on said:

    Well now let’s hope Dina Powell is fired. After firing that she is tried for her treason sedition and espionage. After that that her bosses upline also are exposed. I’ll bet the buck stops with Barrack. Prison for all of them. No more nut jobs!!! Well OBAMA will do his part in prison , undoubtedly.

  20. Jeffery Rightmire on said:

    Open her like a can of worms- get in there and find out every one of these seditious traitors.

  21. Arrest her for unmasking which is illegal. Charge her, sentence her with jail time and fine her for all court costs.
    When will anyone in DC follow the same laws you or I would?

  22. rchguns on said:

    More than likely she took an oath when she took the job and sign paperwork with the national secrets act and is aware of the penalties.
    Considering some of the fake news sources that have leaked out she also as presented herself to be a national security risk.
    She should be tried in a military court and when and if she is convicted she should spend not less than 10 years in a military prison. My personal choice would be Guantánamo Bay.
    They need to convert a portion of the prison into apartment style accommodations. The 1st residence should be Bill and Hillary Clinton for crimes not only against the American people but against the world at large. Right next door you have a perfect place for Barack and Michael Obama.

  23. Phannesa on said:

    I don’t understand why are these people still there? who is helping Prez Trump to run the WH??

  24. Paul Kalmakoff on said:

    …re-institute “Hanging” as the death penalty for Treasonous leakers. We used to Hang Horse Thieves…there wasn’t many horses stolen! 😉

  25. Albert Maloof on said:

    So why is she still there? And talking about getting rid of things that were put in during the past administration, how about getting rid of the gold Muslim drapes that could very well be bugged.

  26. Gramma76 on said:

    Get rid of her and any other obama holdovers. They cannot be trusted. No doubt obama and or clinton has been paying her! Check her bank records!! Prosecute to the fullest extent of the Law!

  27. Oxford Mike on said:

    Obama should be tried in court for the string of crimes he committed against the American people, he should lose his pension and spend a considerable time in Guantanamo. Every one he employed in the White-house should be fired.

  28. President Trump, Fire ALL Obama Cronies and Hire new People! Now! Traitors are among you Sir.
    Treasonous Obama Cronies! Get them ALL OUT!

  29. Delia Shamoon on said:

    Everything that is happening our Ptrsident brought it to himself. He promised to us he was going to drain the swamp and he did not and now in slow motion he is doing it now the the harm had been done. The truth is that he is in the verge to be impeached and believe me they won’t rest until they find a way to throw him out and even put him in jail. He should had apppimyed a special
    Prosecutor for Hillary as he promised us but pardoned her and now it backfired on him. He have too much trust on people that hates him with a passion.

    • Sandy Miller on said:

      He’s on the verge of being impeached?? Tell me.. what has he done to be impeached?? Come on, lets hear one impeachable offense he has done? He pardoned Hillary?? WHOA.. I don’t know where you have gotten your information but Hillary has not been pardoned. He has been in office less than 2 months. He can’t do everything at once for Pete’s sake.

  30. Curvefan+ on said:

    resident Trump,
    Stop taking advice from your daughter. Ivanka is the doofus that has been pushing this traitor and she is an Obama plant. Press charges against her and send a clear message that this crap will end up with a person being in jail.
    Ivanka needs to find a charity cause and get the hell out of the decision making meetings.

  31. Betty Sakai on said:

    Years ago, it didn’t matter if a federal employee was Democrat or Republican because everyone owed their allegiance to this country. Democrats wanted the big business of government to create more jobs and benefits and more taxes (on other people). Republicans wanted smaller government and less taxes (so they could build their own business and their own future). Democrats changed to back things not American. The DNC let a man who was Constitutionally not qualified to run for President (who never did anything in his life) occupy the office of President for 8 years because he was black and promised cheap health insurance. The damages this man did to this nation may be not repairable. If the majority of Americans had access to the truth through an unbiased media, maybe we could repair things. But the media networks like NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC continue to be so skewed, so affected — just like everyone who worked in government under Clinton and Obama. The FCC could require the media to produce a free [unchained] press, but until things change (if they do), it must be assumed that those working in government have been similarly affected having absorbed working under Obama and Clinton who are Communist-Fascists — and opposed to American capitalist Trump.

  32. Bill on said:

    Need to make example of her and prosecute her to the full extent of the law show the rest of these Traders that there time is coming to an end

  33. harold on said:

    May 22nd should be her very last day any where near the white house, the capital or any where else in the government.

  34. Another sensationalized headline. While I agree the appearance of this stinks, You guys tried and convicted her, then have to walk it back on your last few words.

  35. John Savell on said:

    I hope that they arrest her and prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law for leaking classified info to the press. That is at best espionage, at worst treason.

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