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POLL: Should The Women Who Burned Trump Election Signs Be Charged with a Hate Crime?

Recently, hate crime charges were dropped against two women who stole and burned Trump/Pence signs during the election. Do you think they should be charged with a hate crime?

23 comments on “POLL: Should The Women Who Burned Trump Election Signs Be Charged with a Hate Crime?
  1. Margi on said:

    I think she should compensate the people she stole the signs from for what they cost. I also think that what she did was illegal, so she should also pay a fine. But jail? Not necessary. However what she was really doing was proving she is still a spoiled child who never grew up and isn’t likely to in the near future. She likes having temper tantrums and probably thought it was “cool” to steal the signs. She could probably benefit from seeing a psychologist.

  2. Kevin Null on said:

    They should be charged with theft and destruction of private property. If they showed signs of hate during the act then add the hate crime to it.

  3. brente on said:

    Not a hate crime just a tantrum, toss her ass in jail for destruction of private property then ignore her and her type….best punishment ever.

  4. Stephen Serafin on said:

    This is getting ridiculous. I voted for Trump/Pence because he was not a corrupt politician. But this is free speech and a protected right. Better they burn a campaign sign than smash windows and riot. To remove this form of free speech makes us no better than the little shits doing it.

      • Stephen Serafin on said:

        Find an existing law to make the charge since there are so many on the books. My point is that once we go down the road of tit-for-tat that when the opposition makes it back to power they will pull out all of the stops to silence Conservatives. The smear campaign is already in full speed against O’Reilly. Why give the shits more ammunition?

        • rivahmitch on said:

          First, they already have “pulled out all the stops”. Second, I’ve no problem “giving them ammunition” as long as it arrives at the desired destination with an appropriate velocity. Whether you care to admit it or not and as horrendous as it may be, that day is rapidly approaching.

    • James Maxwell on said:

      I agree with you on some points but the destruction of private property leads to more
      embodying to commit further crimes and does not teach them to respect the rights of
      others. Freedom of speech is great and one of our principles that makes our Nation
      great but even that must be done with respect for the rights of others to have the same
      freedom. Invades someone’s property, steal a sign and destroy it is a crime and punishable
      under our legal system. It is also denying them of their rights under free speech.
      Look at Berkley where the idiots in the anti Facist movement are acting out, rioting and
      destroying millions of dollars of public money because they cannot act in a civilize manner
      in public. These idiots need to be arrested and punished for the crimes they commit,
      failure puts us no better than a third world country where mob rules.

      • Stephen Serafin on said:

        You made good points. Back in the campaign, Trump/Pence signs were regularly being stolen off private property and I agree that is theft and should be prosecuted. Where I live, the outspoken liberals are always complaining about the clutter of campaign signs and the resulting solid waste problem. I am not sure if the complaint goes both ways of political intent. But the survey questioned if some women who burned Trump/Pence signs should be prosecuted? It depends upon the context. Burning a campaign sign doesn’t rise to the same level as flag Burning which is still protected speech.

  5. OldHighlandGuyOne on said:

    No, not a hate crime. Just kick their fat butts, community service for 30 days and a $1000 fine for destruction of private property and/or trespassing.

  6. kassa1 on said:

    First off hate crimes were created by the communist a.k.a. Democrat party for one purpose to use as a political pawn to go against their white, Christian, patriotic citizens and nothing else .. There’s no such thing as a hate crime and they should be gotten rid of because you’re only use against white people anyway and besides this, this would never come to trial for burning a sign even though it is not right!

  7. Daniel Deering on said:

    they should be chared with destruction of property qand fined 250 to 500 dollars that should slove the problem

  8. Netencho on said:

    HELL YES!! Five years in jail…. confiscation of all automobiles, and or property, and five years community service when they get out of jail. To hard a punishment you say??? I will just say…. nothing will change…unless we the people change, stop being idiots to this socialist, racist, radical, stupid morons!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/462504a6d853ba2c4e5e8582d69cd4869c75cca7a6005dfd0f78035873bb8c72.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/727289f30a6bd5a933e2e4c5daf817ffa6f5a66de29ec0fad98ae3812537fa06.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5a4acae8cd9b30b3a43cc6f9ab50da51b7c6d4318451775fb2ac24d0df55a3f.jpg

  9. Joyce Conner Anderson on said:

    If she was arrested for pulling signs you could not prove that she did it for any reason beyond that she thought signs were a litter menace.

  10. James Maxwell on said:

    These were attempts to pollute and election and displayed hatred for a Presidential Candidate,
    if someone had burned Obama or Hillary signs they would not have hesitated to bring them
    to trial on charges of a Hate Crime. Those on the left must be taught a lesson that justice
    works both way equally for all. Let them go to trial for a Hate Crime and destruction of
    private property. See how a jury treats them and expose their hypocrisy to the world.

  11. John Savell on said:

    It is a hate crime. They absolutely hate Trump, and their feelings are as strong if not stronger than racists, or religious fanatics. If you are going to have hate crimes at all, then this belongs in that category.

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