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‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Says Trump’s ‘Limited Vocabulary’ Appeals To People Who Are ‘Afraid of Things’

Tuesday on ABC’s  “The View,” while discussing President Donald Trump’s tweets about Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, co-host Joy Behar said Trump uses his “limited” vocabulary and “thinking” to appeal to people “who are afraid of things.”

Behar said, “Trump, what he does, he’s so limited in his vocabulary and his thinking. It’s like, he’ll tweet, ‘They make you less safe’ —fearmongering, ‘More immigrants are coming in’ — fearmongering, ‘They’re going to raise your taxes’ — it’s all fearmongering. And he appeals to people who are afraid of things and that’s what he does. People need to wake up.”

(via: Breitbart)

8 comments on “‘The View’ Co-Host Joy Behar Says Trump’s ‘Limited Vocabulary’ Appeals To People Who Are ‘Afraid of Things’
  1. What an ugly photo of Behar who ever she is each one of those women are uglier inside and out then the next

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  2. The majority of liberals are illiterate or they would not vote for a demonrat in their life time.
    joy bahar is a carnival barker like the bearded lady..

  3. 5dixieleet7 on said:

    OMG what a stupid thing to say, but not surprising considering the egos of these lefties. Well kiddo, I have an MA and frankly the only thing I’m afraid is the Marxist useful idiots which you and your snarky smart-a**es are a part of. Oh, and BTW, I’m 80 years old and my many, many life experiences make me eligible to voice an opinion based on extensive acquired knowledge, not just your go-along to get-along base of knowledge.

  4. Why don’t you and wopsi get together with Rosie mcdumbass and leave. I used to watch the view from time to time until they tried to posting something they know nothing about, politics. We now have a good president GET OVER IT!!!

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