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Teenagers Are Trying to Be Transgender Because It’s ‘Cool’, Says Gender Expert

This is a sad and scary world we live in where mental disorders are being glorified by the culture so much so that it’s considered “cool” by today’s youth.

Via DailyWire

Gender expert and psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Stathis has issued a warning about the overdiagnoses of trans youths, claiming many of the children and teens he sees at his Australian-based gender clinic are not actually suffering from gender dysphoria, or transgenderism, but are instead trying to become trans because it’s trendy, wishing to gain attention from their peers. One such child told Stathis that transgenderism “is the new black.”

According to the psychiatrist, only a small minority of the youths at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital’s gender service will actually be diagnosed with gender dysphoria. By the time most of these struggling youths reach puberty, says Stathis, they will have grown out of their confusion and identify as their biological sex.

Stathis says a lot of those youths are “trying out being transgender” to be different from their peers and gain attention.

“One said to me, ‘Dr Steve … I want to be transgender, it’s the new black’,” said the doctor.

“You might get a six- or seven-year-old girl wanting to dress as a boy,” explained Stathis during a March interview. “She may even say she wants to be a boy. When she hits puberty, she says, ‘No, I’m just a girl who likes to do boy things.”

The psychiatrist also warned that other children and teens may claim to be transgender because of past trauma. For instance, Stathis said he’s seen young girls who have been sexually abused turn to transgenderism.

“The girls say, ‘If only I had been a male I wouldn’t have been abused,'” he said.

Being young and transgender has become the new hotness on the Left. The New York Times, for example, recently claimed it would be insane not to offer children suffering from gender confusion hormone therapy.

But this notion that we must pump Tomboys and gender-confused children with hormone blockers and therapies and eventually mutilate their bodies is cruel.

As outlined by Stathis and backed by much data, there is an incredibly high rate of children who aren’t actually suffering from transgenderism who believe they are, many of whom simply outgrow normal sex confusion. The transgender push, instead of helping marginalized youths, is actually creating victims.

13 comments on “Teenagers Are Trying to Be Transgender Because It’s ‘Cool’, Says Gender Expert
    • USAForever48 on said:

      We know they’re sick and their sickness is polluting and literally killing our young people. Seems everywhere we go, we see girls dressing like boys, boy mannerisms, boy haircuts, and boys acting like and trying to look like girls. I had to do a double-take last week at the grocery store because I wasn’t sure what I was seeing!!! Sure hope these kids outgrow this fascination soon!!!

  1. Marie Firsching on said:

    I am shocked and concerned. It’s sad and I do not know what to say. Jesus has got to be returning soon.

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  2. Gerry B on said:

    sick in the fkg head bunch of snowflakes , like queers n lgbt find a shrink then a highrise , teaching kids in schol its ok to be a a faggot PS ITS NOT

  3. Mozbius on said:

    “Transgender has become the new hotness on the Left” lol!!!
    “Backed by much data” lol!!!
    Thank god for first 1st amendment otherwise that bullshit website would not exist! America is truly great.

  4. John Savell on said:

    Here is one psychiatrist that hasn’t been bullied or scared by the left into changing the definition of mental illness to fit a political and social agenda. It’s about time. People who are truly “transgender” have a mental problem and need help for it, not to be appeased by a society trying to turn the laws of God and of nature upside down in order to prove that it has the power over everything. The same things happened in the 80s and 90s with homosexuality. It became trendy and all of a sudden people who wanted to be “different” or “rebel” began trying it, especially college kids. They don’t get that you are not being different or rebelling by following a trend.

  5. James Maxwell on said:

    The biggest problem with youth is it is wasted on the youth. They are trying to gain life experiences and
    in many cases are led astray by ignorance of their actions. Sadly by the time they go out in the world
    and have to earn a living they have many mistake that hinder them in achieving their goals in life. Many
    due to drugs, alcohol are action that seem like fun at the time but have lasting ramifications such as
    protest and or destruction of private property. These follow them through life. Much of it can be linked
    back to lack of parental involvement in their childhood where they were exposed to much TV and not
    enough involvement by the parents to teach them right from wrong and respect for others. Between
    the lack of real social skills they are not equipped to handle real world problems and budget their money
    and time so they can achieve their goals or have a direction to follow.

  6. Gramma76 on said:

    Cool??? Those people are being stupid!!! Not cool! Parents get a grip on your teenagers who are being extremely stupid!! Explain to them that transgender is not cool and if they persist in thinking that way, then you will have them comkiitted. They are sick!! Not cool!l!!

  7. Tiger on said:

    These new generations raised on tripe of every type and there will be those who stop this quickly and those who might pay a heavier price. The facts are being transgender isn’t all it is dressed up to be, (pun intended) latest studies show high rates of abuse among partners, prostitution, suicide and more. Besides a true Transgender has had the surgeries and made all the commitments to change their sex, the term is misused here. These are Cross Dressers, Queers, Dykes and Fluffs. Not the same.

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