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POLL: Do You Support Jeff Sessions Firing All Of Obama’s Appointees?

Do You Support Jeff Sessions Firing All Of Obama’s Appointees?

30 comments on “POLL: Do You Support Jeff Sessions Firing All Of Obama’s Appointees?
  1. Arbie Viau on said:

    Why do you need permission, Mr. Sessions, AG? That’s your job and we don’t need any Obama thugs in this Administration. You will never get an okay from the POS liberals, so just do the job as YOU see fit. Asking that question makes you sound weak, don’t do it again, please.

    • Vern Davis on said:

      Yes Yes Yes, and every Liberal judge that is stopping Trump from protecting America. Clean house with the same stuff Hillary used on her emails.

      • Arbie Viau on said:

        Yes, Vern, and you know I think all liberal judges, lawyers, government employees, etc. should go back to school because it seems like they’ve forgotten (deliberately or not) what the law is and what it is for. All they have learned is how to be corrupt and get paybacks/perks.

  2. Sandy Miller on said:

    Get rid of “ALL” entities connected to Obama in any capacity. They are totally untrustworthy.

  3. George E. LeFebvre on said:

    He should fire them all as they like so many of the RINO’s are a threat to him. He should also get rid of any and all Muslims in government positions as well..

  4. Pres.Trump needs to root out all the muslim brothers in the gov’t. O put them everywhere,gave them high paying positions with authority.I’m sure they are with O not with the real Pres.now

  5. VirgoVince on said:

    ALL of ovomit’s garbage NEEDS to be DUMPED!!
    REMOVE ALL non-Americans AND anti-Americans FROM OUR SOIL!!

  6. William L Emery Sr. on said:


  7. azjen on said:

    There are enough people in the government that are still going to cause problems b/c they do not like Trump & sooner or later they will do more harm or good to our country & government. Like OFA. Seeing that Barack was a previous organizer he is promoting that others will join him with OFA.

  8. Gerry Costa on said:

    Absolutely !!!!! If obozo hired or appointed them — they are just as corrupt and anti-American as he was. Get rid of all the dirt bags obozo brought in.

  9. Of course I support his doing what needed doing. ALL of Obama’s employees should have been fired the first day this Administration was operational. No one hired by Obama is worth a thimble of spit…..if they were worth anything, they wouldn’t have worked for that community agitator.

  10. DODGERS1955 on said:

    drain the swamp and put some real trump alligators in there place.get rid of odumos people then there wouldn’t be anymore leaks.

  11. Maggietish on said:

    Every administration replaces the political appointees of their previous administration. When these people are politically appointed they are well aware of the fact that their positions will only be for the diration of that President’s term of office. No one should have been fired because these political appointees should’ve had the common sense, integrity and ethics enough to resign their positions and not grandstand the way many are trying to do now trying to play the victim role. President Trump made the mistake of allowing them to stay in those positions wait too long. Hex should’ve removed them from their positions the minute he took office and they should’ve had the professionalism to leave those positions without it ever coming to the point that anybody had to be fired.

  12. Barbara Smith on said:

    Not only YES, but HELL YES! One rotten potato or apple spoils the whole lot!
    Walking papers are in order! Wish we could get rid of all the nasty rinos, too!

  13. Drew Brenneman on said:

    The appointees should be expecting to be replaced when new president takes over. I agree with the firing of those appointed by Obama.

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