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BUSTED: San Jose, their Mayor and Police Chief LOSING Legal BATTLE for ALLOWING Trump Supporters to be BEATEN

The fourteen Trump Supporters that were beaten in San Jose, CA are suing the city of San Jose, their Mayor and their Police Chief. The Trump supporters were egged, spit on and beaten all while the police did nothing to protect them.  Allegedly, the police had been given orders to stand down. A federal judge has just ruled in favor of the fourteen victims and has ‘greenlighted’ their lawsuits. A win for the victims will hopefully teach violent protesters, sanctuary cities, and city officials a lesson that they need to do their job and protect ALL citizens!


From Gateway Pundit:

Fourteen victims of anti-Trump rioters at a Trump campaign rally in San Jose, California on June 2 filed a class-action federal civil rights lawsuit in July against San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Police Chief Edgardo Garcia, the City of San Jose and several named and unknown attackers.

One female Trump supporter was egged and .spit on by hundreds of Mexican nationalists chanting “F*ck you!” Another Trump supporter was cold-cocked with a bag of rocks while walking to his car and left bleeding.

The San Jose Police released documents on the planned brutal assault of Trump supporters. An undercover San Jose Officer reported after the rally that throughout the afternoon and evening he watched several individuals wearing “Trump” articles of clothing getting punched, kicked and pushed.

On Saturday a federal judge gave the green light to a lawsuit against the city by Trump supporters who allege police did nothing to protect them outside of a rally where an anti-Trump mob had gathered.


21 comments on “BUSTED: San Jose, their Mayor and Police Chief LOSING Legal BATTLE for ALLOWING Trump Supporters to be BEATEN
  1. william russell on said:

    hey all what has american become we are no longer the usa but so third world country. This is disgusting to see this happen because people support a person. The police did nothing and just watched. Just look at all the Mexicans and how they treat the usa citizen. I hope jeff sessions has seen this video and than go after the people wearing black face masks. Put some of them in jail and that would send a message. I agree i hope the 14 sue the city, mayor, police chief and other government officials for all they have for allowing this to happen.

  2. Sandy Miller on said:


  3. Robert on said:

    The sickening criminal Left seem to think that our Constitution of the US, the POTUS, and Americans’ rights do not matter. We are not seeing intelligent discussions, and passive dissent, but we are seeing lawless nut jobs running amok promoting an anti America agenda; I met a few of these Socialists in college. Well, I suggest if caught beating people, or blocking traffic should have an upped ante, and those convicted through due process immediately should have their citizenship, and all entitlements stripped. If enacted – see – how fast these fascist back peddle, and switch their frame of thinking.

  4. paul patterson on said:

    Appearently the s.j. police are a bunch of cowards(just like the anti-trump snowflakes) I say send a couple of dozen hard hitting bikers into s.j with support Trump signs and night sticks. Then, GET IT ON!!!
    If the ca lace-panty liberals don’t want to follow the law then let ’em anti up.
    As far as the rest of the city potentates-yank a knot in their pantyhose and sue them in a remote court for everything they have.

  5. Bob Barton on said:

    A cruise missile on each of the seven world owners would have a positive impact.This is a warning,next time will be the last time.Get truth and civility back.

  6. illhavemine on said:

    Best thing that could have happened to the liberal SOBs. Too bad the citizens of that city will have to dig deep in their pockets to pay the exorbitant fine that the cities fathers will be hit with. I think we all should sing a hymn for the Mayor, Police Chief, the DA, and City Counsel of San Jose, CA. Hymn, Hymn Fuc them all!

  7. Daniel Deering on said:

    hope theywin not millions but billions in the law suit and the police are allreplaced and the nayor in prisoned for 25 to life

  8. The Rev. on said:

    You put a Mexican person. as Chief of police, and perhaps Pres. Trump as seen as a white out-siders and his supporters have no Constitutional rights. This is discrimination . They swore to protect the Laws. Any place in California it is Un-safe to tell anyone your a trump supporter, and put a bumper sticker on your car. The problem is not only in San Jose. Now they have to borrow money from Trump to pay for the law suit. 🙂

  9. Guest on said:

    Actually, if I was a Trump supporter living there, and had been beaten , etc, I would sue the city for 300 million dollars.. in fact all the supporters should sue for 300 million dollars each.

  10. Countryboy72 on said:

    It’s about time. 99% of the time it is anti-Trump rioters who attack for no reason except you are a Trump supporter and we are not going away. Hitting them in the pocketbook will maybe deter them a little if their parents have to pay or soros. They have become the very people they are rioting against No brains

  11. Helen (Blocker) Payne on said:

    I flew into San Jose recently, and I wore no clothing with Trump support on it for FEAR of getting harmed. I am 83 years old, but the way they mistreat everyone of ANY AGE for having a different opinion scares me. I love California and am a strong supporter of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but the way people with a different opinion are NOT protected scares me.

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