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POLL: Should Major Retailers Like L.L. Bean and Walmart Fear Boycotts From Anti-Trump Protestors?

The anti-Trump group calling for a boycott of clothing manufacturer L.L. Bean says it is not backing down after a request from the Maine retail giant to reverse its position. Grabyourwallet.org added the outdoor brand to its list of “companies to consider boycotting” because a member of the Bean dynasty donated to a political action committee with ties to President-elect Donald Trump.

Do you think that major retailers should fear boycotts and backlash because of their ties to or positive views on Donald Trump?

4 comments on “POLL: Should Major Retailers Like L.L. Bean and Walmart Fear Boycotts From Anti-Trump Protestors?
  1. If you think about it, the Conservatives are the ones with the money to spend. These Millennials and liberals don’t have jobs. They are living off the system and they should not have anything to say about what manufacturers or corporations are doing. These companies need their clients.

  2. The liberals don’t have proper jobs. The millenials are so far up their own jaxis that if they coughed they’d turn inside out. But these all these and the hipster types’d soon go down the pan if the big companies did. So they’ll just shut up and carry on in time haha…Go Trump !

  3. CantBePCAnymore on said:

    Most of the liberals I know are not LL Bean types. There are some, but not enough to hurt business over the long haul. Can you imagine one of these snowflakes roughing it out in the woods on a hunting trip to kill “Bambi?” Also, they may say boycott Walmart, but since Walmart is frequently the least expensive and will match advertised prices, they won’t stay away long enough to even turn Walmart’s bottom line number from dark black to grey.

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