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POLL: Are Democrats Using Russia as a Coverup For Their Own Election Crimes?

Do you believe that Obama and other democrats are using the Russia-election story as a way to cover up their own crimes?

18 comments on “POLL: Are Democrats Using Russia as a Coverup For Their Own Election Crimes?
  1. Claire La Rue on said:

    Obummer & his wife are so one sided towards blacks & muselims that they would do any thing to destroy the USA. thank GOD we have conservative President coming to the WHITE House. Obummer is the worst MAN we ever had in the WHITE House. He did nothing in the 8 yrs he sat in the White House, the only thing he & his wife did was SPEND LOTS & LOTS of money. He would use Russia to cover up the election crimes, Obummer would do any thing to get Clinton in office because she could continue his crocked office.

  2. It’s so clear to the world at large that the Democrats are a bunch of sore losers. Will do anything to tear down the President Elect. They will not succeed and will cry all the more as the days roll by.

  3. Russell Lang on said:

    Liberal minded democrats and other factions (like terrorists and despotic nations’ propagandists) always accuse their enemies of committig the same crimes as they do. Like Jordan accuses Israel of occupying Judea and Samaria when in fact they illegally occupied that territory for almost 20 years before Israel took it back in a defensive war.

    Clinton went “ape” about him “undermining democracy” when Trump hinted that he may not accept the election results if he lost (Obviously when suspicions of Democratic election-rigging was in the news). Clinton and her cronies are the ones now acting undemocratically having lost the election.

    Whatever dirty accusations are made against Trump you can bet that the Democrats have been committing these things for years. So, if any crimes have been committed, investigate thoroughly with an uncorrupted intelligence agency (if you can find one) and prosecute the perpetrators. I would definitely be looking at the actions taken over the last 8 years and 3 elections of the top-of-the-pile loser Democrats very carefully: BO, JK, HC and their appointees, advisors and other minions. As well as the secret negotiations and golden handshake $Billions to enemies of the USA such as Iran. Treason perhaps?

    • Janie Palubin on said:

      The Russians aren’t looking forward to a war with us. I believe things will calm down when Trump is in office.

  4. G.E.O. on said:

    America is so, so tired of hearing about Obummer and his whole crew as well as Corrupt Hillary and her mob. Why must they be included in the news every day. And, oh, who cares about MOOOOSchell and those adopted girls, we don’t. PERIOD…

  5. Joyce Lathrop on said:

    Clinton lost because of : the Supreme Court nomination, Attacks on Christian religion and values, illegal immigration, ever increasing federal govt control and restricting freedoms, ever decreasing states rights, control of our govt by lobbyist. I don’t believe Russia created ANY of these.

  6. Phannesa on said:

    Everything about candidate hellary clinton was screamimg corruption! Her illegal ways of raising money, cheating in the debates, voter fraud, illegals allowed to vote in our election, lies about Trump, and know we know that illegal surveillance took place and they were spying on Trump and members of his campaign. Bitch hellary, obama and soros paying people to riot and violently demonstrate against him and Trump supporters, etc..

  7. Charles Sever on said:

    They don’t need Russia, they have democrat scatter all thru our government, including a bunch of judges.

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