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POLL: Should Tomi Lahren Replace Megyn Kelly at FOX News?

The media world was rocked on Tuesday when news broke that Fox News star Megyn Kelly would be departing the network she’s called home for a dozen years to transition to a daytime job with NBC News.

Kelly’s last show will be this Friday, and while many of the details surrounding Kelly’s departure are still unknown, one of the biggest questions looming Tuesday afternoon was: Who would be replacing Kelly in Fox’s star-studded, prime-time lineup?

Many names are being tossed around but one name that has yet to come up that could be an extremely popular option would be The Blaze commentator, Tomi Lahren.

Would you like to see Tomi replace Megyn at Fox News?  Take our poll below!

9 comments on “POLL: Should Tomi Lahren Replace Megyn Kelly at FOX News?
  1. Ginger Firestone on said:

    I would be quite happy to see Tomi take over that spot. I really like her take on things and her openness to come out and say what most conservatives are thinking. I think if Fox got her for that spot, their ratings would not go down at all. She would be an improvement to Megyn and a breath of fresh air.

    • Eric Wildfire on said:

      After Megyn got her nickers in a twist over Trump at the first debate and she almost cried when Fox News projected Trump won on Election night at almost 2:45 am she was the ONLY person on the screen who was not happy ~that was the beginning of the end I know a lot stopped watching after the first debate when she showed total bias against President Trump and it showed many time I quit watching her show after her argument with Newt live on the air when he called her out about her anti-Trump stance ~she also go into it with Sean Hannity I never thought Fox News would resign her just like Gretta ~POOF another Female anchor Gone ~

  2. Eric Wildfire on said:

    Tomi would be great except Fox has already made public that Tucker Carlson is moving to 9 PM and Martha is moving to 6pm ~ So were Tomi to leave the Blaze for Fox News she would be either partnered with Bill Hemmer or a revolving chair on weekends ~ Tomi just stay at the Blaze where we can see you daily + why would you want to leave Dallas for New York’s strict weapons laws ?

    • faxxmaxx on said:

      The Blaze is second tier and with the help of Beck, a failing organization. This would be s huge break for Tomi.

      • Eric Wildfire on said:

        IF it was failing so bad Why are all the host so popular including Tomi being that Glenn Beck left Fox News to do his own thing ~ I’m sure if Tomi was offered a contract at Fox News She would surely take it ~my point is Tomi is GREAT at what she does and would FNC try to change what she does best ?? just don’t think now is the time and she loves her second amendment rights she gets in Texas Vs. NYC

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