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POLL: Do You Support The Miami PD In Not Providing Security For NFL Players?

The Miami PD says they will no longer provide protection for players en route to or from the stadium until the team management forces the players to stand during the National Anthem. Do you support their decision?

4 comments on “POLL: Do You Support The Miami PD In Not Providing Security For NFL Players?
  1. Netencho on said:

    Yes!! Why supply security for the ungrateful, they make the money, which to me is the wrong people wearing a helmet, making the money…. should be the military making the money…not some stupid ass game. God Bless

    • Meganjperry on said:

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  2. Just don’t let these egotistical thankless swine into Miami in the first place, or anywhere else. Obviously they are not proud of their country. That’d soon shut ’em up. Who gives a hoot about their idiotic ball game anyway. That’s probably all their sort could do mind. Never anything remotely useful !

  3. Dee Anderson on said:

    Most definitely, these players make enough money that if they need security they can hire their own security people. The Policemen is who needs some of the money that the players are making for chasing a “pigskin” around on the field for million dollar contracts!!!

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