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Trump Announces Addition of 8,000 New Jobs…While On Vacation

President-elect Donald Trump has been spending the holidays vacationing at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on behalf of the American people to fulfill his campaign promise to restore our country.

Unlike President Barack Obama, who has spent eight years twiddling his thumbs, much less doing anything substantial while on his many vacations, Trump personally announced on Dec. 28 that two major companies would be bringing jobs back to the United States.

Both Sprint and OneWeb confirmed to the president-elect that the decision would result in thousands of jobs for American workers, according to Breitbart.

Sprint, a telecommunications company, pledged to bring back an impressive 5,000 jobs, while OneWeb, a new high-speed internet provider, announced its intention to hire 3,000 people — feats Trump attributed to “the spirit and the hope” of recent weeks since his historic election victory in November.

The Sprint announcement, in particular, boded well for the president-elect, whose chief campaign promise was about restoring jobs the U.S. had lost to other, more competitive and business-friendly countries.

“(Sprint has) taken (jobs) from other countries. They are bringing them back to the United States,” Trump enthusiastically announced.

The positions were part of a pledge from SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, a billionaire investor in technology who currently owns 80 percent of Sprint and has invested $1 billion in OneWeb, according to Breitbart.

Sprint’s 5,000 new jobs will reportedly be created in different areas of the company, including sales and customer care, and are slated to be ready by March 2018, Reuters reported.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said his company was excited to work with Trump and the new administration to promote economic growth in the U.S.

“We believe it is critical for business and government to partner together to create more job opportunities in the U.S. and ensure prosperity for all Americans,” Claure said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

OneWeb has planned to build a plant in Florida to produce low-cost satellites, which would open up 3,000 jobs at the company and its suppliers, according to Reuters.

He’s not even officially the president yet, and already Trump has surpassed the efforts of Obama to help our country get back to work.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

15 comments on “Trump Announces Addition of 8,000 New Jobs…While On Vacation
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  1. Anita Pierson on said:

    thing is, how many of them actually want a job instead of a handout? hopefully all of them, realistically, not so much. Trump with no actual power, has done more than Obama, with the most power at his use of anyone in the world. Obama should be ashamed of his legacy, unfortunately, he believes his own lies.

      • Alf Zammit on said:

        There’s only one president who’s done a good job. That’s President Trump. I’m not including President Reagan, of course, who, in my opinion, was the best President ever. Who knows? Maybe Trump will amaze everyone and become the second best president ever.

  2. I am a gal from across the pond, and all I can say is , well done President Trump, we knew you could do it.. in fact you have many many fans here in the UK.. well done again President Trump..

    • Wish we had him here ! He’d get shot of all this PC rubbish and make them get on with Brexit too instead of dragging their heels.

  3. pedro54 on said:

    It is curious how Obama and Trump reacted so different on the fact of giving the America people a presidential gift for the season, Obama ‘s gift was the betrayal of a brother country like Israel is and at the same time Trump is trying to bring jobs and business to the country, WHAT A DIFFERENCE, an act of love and a betrayal, WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!

  4. Corrupt Hillary on said:

    President Elect TRUMP will accomplish more in 100 days than the deadbeat OBAMA has done in 8 miserable wasted years.

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