Career Felon Killed In Shootout By 13-Year-Old During Home Invasion

Law abiding citizens using guns in self defense is no myth, contrary to liberal belief.

Many in the gun rights community believe that a privately owned gun is used in legitimate self-defense over 2 million times a year in America. This figure arose initially from the survey work done in 1993 by Florida State University criminologists Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz.

That study, known as the National Self-Defense Survey (NSDS), involved conducting nearly 5,000 interviews by phone in 48 states, anonymously, with phone numbers randomly generated. The respondents were asked if over the past five years they had used a gun—even if not fired—for self-protection or protection of property at work, home, or elsewhere. They were asked to exclude any use in miitary, police, or security work, if applicable, and asked whether the gun use was against an animal or a person.

Even if the margin of error on that study was 50%, that still means a million self defensive uses of firearms a year – far eclipsing the number of crimes committed with them. And here’s jsut one of those stories, courtesy of US Army 4 Life:

A 13-year-old South Carolina boy fatally shot one burglary suspect and scared off a second with his mother’s gun, police said.

The unidentified teenager told the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office that he was alone on Tuesday afternoon in his family’s home, north of North Charleston, when someone tried to break in, according to NBC affiliate WCBD.

The boy grabbed his mother’s gun, and then waited at the back door of the home, the station reported. Police say the boy fired repeatedly through the door, and someone outside shot back.


The suspect was hit three times, and a getaway driver rushed him to a hospital in Charleston, where he died of his gunshot wounds, according to an affidavit. A gray Chevy Sonic used in the incident was found with bullet holes, and a gun was retrieved from the home’s backyard, the affidavit said.

Serves them right!

Guns make it so easy for law abiding citizens to protect themselves, that even a 13 year old can do it!

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15 comments on “Career Felon Killed In Shootout By 13-Year-Old During Home Invasion
  1. I believe any child over 6 should be trained to shoot. They need to be trained gun safety even younger. We started with BB guns about 3 which is late. Never point at anyone even with cap or any toy gun. I was taught that when I was very little. I was duck hunting with my father at 6 with my sisters .410 shot gun. Owned my own guns by 8. am 75 now and still believe everyone should be taught to shoot and handle guns.

    • I wholeheartedly agree , Tome, I taught all three of my children to shoot with a .22 rifle. when they were quite young. A little older that your’s , but they learned well.

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    • Ann Davis on said:

      Me too. I grew up in the Southern U.S. where everyone learned to shoot at an early age. I taught my two sons to shoot also at a young age. By the time my youngest son was six he was an expert marksman. He loves hunting still and gets at least one deer every year. Between the two of them if push came to shove I would feel very safe with them.

    • Absolutely agree! I became a city police officer in 1975. At that time my sons were ages 3 and 5. When I brought a revolver into my home, I took my sons to a fellow police officer’s personal range at his rural home and taught them both the basics of firearm safety and how to shoot. Both were allowed to shoot the revolver that I carried on duty. I did this to take away the “mystery” and make sure they knew the necessary rules to stay safe. It worked.

      As adults, they both told me that I could not have found a better method to prevent them from playing with the guns on the sly and having an accident. The effect on a 3 and 5 year old of actually firing a .38 cal revolver made them decide they did not want to do that again until they were grown. Today, the 3 of us enjoy range time together.

  2. They no doubt would have killed him if he hadn’t defended himself and the home. After all it said that the one disposed of was a career felon.

  3. bpgagirl22VAnow on said:

    Good for him! He’ll probably turn out to be a helluva Marine or Police Officer! Well done young man! RIP Uncle A.C. Roberts, Captain, retired, deceased, Atlanta, GA PD.

    • varmit hunter on said:

      We use to shoot in the High School gym. Believe that. Our sponsor, a teacher named Joe, was a BAR man under Macgarthur in WW ll. I loved to shoot and no one back then thought anything about guns, rifles in school. That was called “The Rifle Club” loved it. Single shot Remingtons. Lie under one basketball goal, and shoot down at the other end in steel traps with targets on them. No one got hurt. No wall shot, No backboard with bullet holes.

  4. Terry Jensen on said:

    I wholeheartedly support any firearm use in a self defense situation. I know that this kid was very lucky and apparently was taught how to use this gun also. I think it is very important to teach the proper use of a firearm if you have them in your house. I say good shot and thank goodness this boy is alive to tell the story. Besides he took another dirt bag off the face of the earth…that slime won’t bother anyone else. I hope they catch the others and put them away for longtime!!!!

  5. And they want to disarm us.. NO WAY….Our grandson can handle a gun as he is a hunter. But he knows all the safety rules as he attended the local sheriffs training and how to handle guns. Someone goes into their home and they will be sorry. This is America and that is how it should be. Not for crimes but for protection. PERIOD

  6. CB Michael on said:

    Give the boy a badge, he got a criminal off the streets and saved the home from being looted. Attaboy goes to the young man for knowing how to protect his home and family…

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