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RIGGED ELECTION! A Shocking Amount of Republican Electors Plan to CHANGE THEIR VOTE

The AP contacted 306 Republican electors and only found one elector that would change their vote.

Infowars reported: Leftists have overseen a massive campaign to try and convince Republican electors to abandon support for Trump. C-rate celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, asserting that Trump is unfit for office and that electors should “vote their conscience”.

Baseless claims that Russia “hacked the election” in favor of Trump have also been seized upon as a reason for electors to abstain from voting altogether in order to prevent Trump from taking office.

However, it’s an effort that will completely fail. Donald Trump is set to win big yet again on Monday.

Out of 538 Republican electors, the Associated
Press was able to get in contact with more than 330 of them.

“It takes 270 electoral votes to make a president. Despite losing the national popular vote, Trump won enough states to total 306 electoral votes. He would need to see three dozen fall away for him to lose his majority. Only one Republican elector told AP he won’t vote for Trump,” states the report.

VIA: www.infowars.com

49 comments on “RIGGED ELECTION! A Shocking Amount of Republican Electors Plan to CHANGE THEIR VOTE
  1. Celia Dorr on said:

    I wonder what other trick they will try next if this fails. He won fair and square and is already doing more before he gets into office then our existing loser. Why don’t these people wake up. It’s pathetic.

    • River Huntingdon on said:

      ‘Bout time these sore losers gave up on all this embarrassing garbage. LOSERS is the word. But, then again, what can one expect ? Here in the UK it’s the same, anyone begging to differ from the ULTRA-PC looney – leftie bleating of the sheeple in the media and government is immediately shouted down and branded a racist. They don’t seem to recall 9/11, or 7/7, or any of the many other vile atrocities muslims have committed. In many cities here you don’t feel you’re in England, or safe either, as there are SO many rapefugees and other immigrant dross. Muslims nearly blew my commuter train sky high on 7/7. Even a railway Motorman like me isn’t safe.

  2. Trump didn’t lose the popular vote — that propaganda is promoted by the Fake News campaign from Mainstream Media. Trump should have called for a recount in the states that Hillary Clinton Claimed to Win !!!!

    • I agree with you, but there isn’t time and he doesn’t need to play her game. I just want all the garbage and game playing to go away. People who didn’t vote for him need to suck it up and give him a chance just like all of those who did not vote for Obama did. Trump won the election because people are fed up with Politicians and the way things are going. We need to be abiding by the Constitution and we do not need to sign our rights or anything else over to the UN so we become part of a 1 World Order…the idea of that is extremely frightening and would be the end of America as a nation. I am so sick of what was going on before the election and cannot believe that it has just gotten worse after. It needs to stop as it is just making people crazy!

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  3. Loosecannon2U on said:

    If the Electors do not vote for the general voting winners, They should be arrested and charged! When found guilty, throw their sorry butts in jail! They have an obligation to vote for whoever won the State or County! There is no law or ruling that changes this! So!! Im thinking Hillary and Slick Willie will have some company while wearing the Orange Jumpsuit! And don’t forget old Horse Face Chelsea!

  4. Loosecannon2U on said:

    Not that i care, but the clown in Colorado has a disgusting rap sheet! He’s married with 3 children and he is a paid up member of Ashley Madison! What a prick this slime ball is!! He will be out before he knows it! Jackass!

  5. Phyllis Menniti-Lombardi on said:

    I can’t understand why they have to redo the electoral vote, I think it’s a scam and it’s bullshit because Hillary lost the election, and all of this is illegal. Not fair to Trump he won fair and square.

    • They don’t need to redo the electoral vote. Some states have laws that prohibit electorates from voting different than the decision of the voters; some states will fine them $1,000 if they vote differently and that cannot be paid by anyone except the electorate him/herself; and a few states don’t have such strong laws. For the most part, the electorates vote the way the state went as they are suppose to (which can also assign so many votes to each party depending on the state). The electoral vote should be as recorded by the states and the electorates should abide by the results of the election in their state and not by their personal opinion. Additionally, anyone making threats against the electorates and their families or actively trying to change their vote should be brought up on charges having to do with interfering with an election. Electorates that cannot preform their duty and cast their vote as dictated by their state needs to be removed and replaced, never to serve again.

  6. Steve Harmon on said:

    Ahhhhhh ha ha ha, lying little loser Liberal Lemmings lose again, sorry losers but one Republican defector just won’t cut it. Get used to saying, “President Trump”!!!!!!! Merry Christmas, I’ve already received my present, President Trump!!!!!!!

  7. Milton W. Lowe on said:

    I consider this fairly good news, but my skepticism is still strong, I don’t trust very many people at this time no democrats & few republicans especially the Rhinos & they know who they are…I won’t relax until I see My President DONALD TRUMP WITH HIS HAND ON THE BIBLE! GOD BLESS TRUMP & GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  8. Cheryl Heberle on said:

    Trump won and any republican elector had better not change their vote or their will be mass exodus from the party…….@

      • Cheryl Heberle on said:

        We know Hillary and the democrats are behind this Russian thing which is nothing more than a scam …… We cannot let our liberties and the election be stolen from us!

  9. Carolyn Henderson on said:

    There would be such a revolt as cannot even be imagined. Americans, please remember these atrocious tactics when another election comes round. These pathetic beings who are causing upheaval and discord are not real Americans. Have to wonder( and should by all means should track down ) who is the instigator of this treasonous tyranny.

  10. Cheryl Heberle on said:

    This is a disgrace that HILLARY is trying this…. Shevis totally behind this and she has already conceded so why doesn’t she just go away…..it is time for the lies to stop! HILLARY just go home!

  11. River Huntingdon on said:

    Please stick it up ’em Mr Trump. And keep on rolling. Stuff the leftie luvvies back down the sewer. Bad losers, that’s what they are.

  12. Brad Becker on said:

    If they are Traitors hang them from the trees in their own front yards. They must be made an example of to teach a lesson to the rest for future elections.

  13. If the left-wing socialist & progressives steal this election they better be Locked & Loaded…. many will be to protect our Republic from the G.Soros’s of the World.

  14. Dexter Greener on said:

    This attempt too shall fail and they still are trying to do what is necessary to make Trump insignificant. But what I see from the Donald is that what doesn’t kill him makes him stronger. Also on another note, the more the Progressives try the more they are destroying their own party by their own hands. This is inevitable.

  15. Mark Biolchino on said:

    I am really enjoying the Democrat party eating its own. What a bunch of spoiled children. They didn’t get their way so all they can do is try to make Trump out to be a pretender to the office of the President. After the recount that went no where then an attack on the electoral College. that’s not working, and now the claim that Russia rigged the election in Trumps favor. This all followed riots and demonstrations paid by Soros and the Clinton organization. There should be some serious prison time for many of these scum bags. The icing on the cake would be for Killary to go to prison for a long time,

  16. Netencho on said:

    This is all a bunch of FAKE NEWS…… SEWER CRAP, BULLSHIT. If I am not mistaken….. this elector people took and Oath…. and could be prosecuted for changing their votes, and jumping back and forth. Not sure, but seems I read something of that sort.

  17. icemancold on said:

    Any and all ELECTORS who do not VOTE for TRUMP should immediately lose all of their rights the same as a CONVICTED VIOLENT FELON LOSES THEIR RIGHTS the right to vote, the right to own fire arms etc. And possibly face revocation of CITIZENSHIP AS THEY ARE NOT TRULY AMERICANS.!!

  18. Dick Ellis on said:

    TAKE NOTE: Any Republican Electrol College voter that turns against TRUMP will no doubt will be hounded the rest of there lives. You agreed to honestly vote according to the State Voters wishes from the ELECTION RESULTS! To not do so is IMORAL AND UN TRUST WORTHY at its greatest height! DO IT AT YOUR OWN PARAL as you have been warned!

  19. Bliss Kelley on said:

    He did not loose popular vote. I don’t know why the press keeps saying that. I saw the numbers the night of the election and he won popular vote as well as the electoral when he won Pennsylvania.

  20. Diana Schneider on said:

    Those who are acting this way Celia wanted our Nation to be
    Communist- so the people would not have a voce

  21. When Obama won the election, we here all hated him and I know for a fact that many many did not want him in office. Did we do all this ? Rioting, trying to change the electoral vote etc, etc. NO we just had to accept it and go on and it has been a miserable 8 years…All I can say is the democrats are all crazy. Perhaps we should have just one party. Republican. Get rid of the nut cases.

    • D Jopek on said:

      That is because we are genuine humans and not whiny azz losers. Just goes to show who has more intelligence and respect of the two, and it is not the demon-rats.

  22. James Maxwell on said:

    I would not trust anything reported by the Ass Patrol web site. They are in the tank for
    the Democrat socialist and have not been a news organization for a very long time.

  23. truthtester on said:

    It seems that the leftist fascist are trying to start a civil war. They may well succeed because this nonsense has got to stop.
    Trump won this election on every front. The popular vote entitles him to the electoral college vote with few exceptions. If I were an elector would I feel good about being one of a handful of people that ignited a civil war where millions would die?
    Hillary Clinton is in fact a Witch. Demonic activity surrounds her and her supporters exhibit all the characteristics of demonized people. We have no choice but Donald Trump. Be very careful Donald, and make sure your security is secure. Your opponent is the Queen of suicides, other peoples suicides.

  24. Hana Brynda on said:

    I blame trump cause he started being soft a forgiving right after he got elected and they will never stop their evil work so sorry until he stops calling them good people this is what u can expect a worse

  25. Hana Brynda on said:

    Hussein will start something like FEMA or worse and DJT said he’s so nice a he really likes him ?! Where for months we fight agains Killery a Hussein
    I just don’t get it
    Than Rudy is out who was so outspoken a fighting like West a Trey a many other u don’t see even close in cabinet
    I don’t like what I see anymore

  26. Mila Leach on said:

    They should recount California, Washington state and Oregon. I believe that many Mexicans vote more
    times or vote also illegals.

  27. Mila Leach on said:

    Hillary should be in jail!!! Obama also. I can’t believe that Democrats is almost worse then communist.
    Burning flags acting like crazy people wit damaged brain.

  28. Joann Holmes on said:

    If these so called electoral voters change their minds after their states where won by Trump then the people in these states should be fined and discarded like the trash that they are even though they hold themselves in such high regards and above the people that put them in this position.

  29. Sergey Bardashov on said:

    Its just unbelievable what leftist turned to. And since when left become equal to liberal?! o I miss that old times left who was anti globalists, anti imperialists and anti capitalists. Establishment screwed the left so big that I almost fell sorry that communist Russia is collapsed. At list it was holding all this liberal scum at bay and imperialist pigs was thinking hard before before going to yet another country and start the war.

  30. May Huddleston on said:

    Hey dummies, yes, you electors — do ya want the twelveth amendment to kick in, do you want to lose your jobs? Do you? Not respect the peoples’ wishes — Do you?!

  31. Kimberly Derienz on said:

    The real problem is they are all posest by Satin they are not human they have no feeling, or remorse of any kind they live in an upside down world. They have been working on this since the beginning of time. The bottom line every one has to answere to God even Satin. They say Satan is highly intelligent I believe he is highly stupid that’s why everyone that follows is stupid, Satan is the ultimate of stupidity because who in there rite mind would go against God it’s over before it starts. Good luck burning in hell all you leftists.

  32. Cheryl Heberle on said:

    Electors had better not back out…..these republican electors need to remember who we the people are….l owe no alligience to the republican party or the electors,,,,,vote as you originally did!!!!!

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