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JUSTICE! CNN Hit With A $50 Million Class Action Lawsuit For RACISM

It appears that it was awful for black employees who are filing a class action lawsuit against the fake news cable channel, claiming racial discrimination, revenge, retaliation and “abuse of power.”

Those are serious allegations.

From Raw Story:

dewayne-walker-has-filed-suit-against-cnn-alleging-discrimination-800x430A group of black employees are filing a class action suit against Atlanta-based broadcaster CNN, Turner Broadcasting and its parent company Time Warner alleging a pattern of racial discrimination in the workplace.

According to the Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, lead plaintiff DeWayne Walker and other black employees of the media giant are suing in hopes of breaking a pattern of racial discrimination and retaliation against employees of color who speak out.

Attorney Daniel Meachum sent out a press release Wednesday morning announcing a 10:30 a.m. press conference. Copies of the lawsuit and a list of plaintiffs will be available then.

“As a result of the current discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of DeWayne Walker vs. CNN, Time Warner & Turner, we have uncovered stories involving abuse of power, nepotism, revenge, retaliation and discrimination,” Meachum said in the release.

Walker sued CNN for the first time in January in a $50 million suit that said during his 13 years of employment with the company, he has been consistently passed over for promotions in favor of white coworkers. When he complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, he said, he was targeted by higher-ups for retaliation.

According to his LinkedIn page, Walker is an integrated marketing manager at CNN,” wrote Ho.

Three other employees have launched suits against CNN over the last few years, Ho said:

Thus far, CNN has declined to comment on the suit.

19 comments on “JUSTICE! CNN Hit With A $50 Million Class Action Lawsuit For RACISM
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  2. Sharpshooter on said:

    They need to be put out of business. They’re no better than some of the scummy tabloids that are on the market.

    • a_view_from_street_level on said:

      hillary lies about everything to get votes but the people saw right through her bull shit lies

    • River Huntingdon on said:

      Just like our BBC here, they’re SO far to the left that they must all drive Trabants. The same’s true of the so-called ITV ” Independant Tele Vision “.

  3. Racism! Oh no. CNN? The epitome of liberalism! What is the world coming to? Cats will be sleeping with dogs and on and on. HA!

  4. Lolita on said:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer FAKE NEWS outlet. You reap what you sow CNN. Democrats are like that. Even Hillary. She herself is against same sex marriage but in order to get votes, she’s for it. Lyin’ bunch of Elitists. $50 Million isn’t enough.

    • Maryjjohnson on said:

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  5. Bill Jones Sr. on said:

    lol good riddance, this phony idiotic bastion of liberals is so dishonest a racist. Bunch of lying crying morons. They were so obviously in the bag for Clinton Helen Keller could have heard it. And their still whining

  6. Hal Gregg Lemoyne on said:

    Shit, please me a break!!!

    50 million dollars isn’t even a damned dent, compared to billions pprofit that CNN has sucked out of Us the US American public though the years!!!

    50 million dollars is like taking 1cent from $1000 and calling that a substantial fine, corrupt BS!!!

  7. Ann Davis on said:

    The Democrat elites are the biggest racist ever and that goes for their Fake News channel CNN. Not to say they don’t have a few “token” black friends but behind the scenes the chatter is always the same. Working class people are (I believe) the most accepting of all races. They don’t have anything to prove–they just want a good paying job, good affordable healthcare, education for their children–no pretenses just living and enjoying life. As far as I am concerned, this class action law suit could not happen to a nicer (and I use the word loosely) FAKE NEWS CHANNEL.

  8. Moni57 on said:

    Maybe Clinton will bail them out since it is Clinton News Network!! 50 Mill is hardly enough for these hypocrites! After all the BS they said about Pres. Trump they deserve everything they get and more!! Good luck with your lawsuits and Get-er done!!

  9. RonKeffer on said:

    Good it is about time we chastised the people in the news media….everyone else has to tell the truth, except Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Politicians,

  10. maggoting on said:

    I think it’s about time that cnn recalled their workers back from the rioting and to perform some lawful work for a change!

  11. Gammi2Anna on said:

    I hope that the judgement is found in favor of the complainants that have filed the lawsuit and that the ruling is for triple the amount of the suite. It is very apparent that CNN “uses” people of color only when it is an advantageous factor in a competition against other media outlets or differing political views, giving one reporter or side of an argument a position of superiority over the other. It is odd how so many of the Media giants are actually more racist than the KKK, which they always pull out to use as an attack tool against any individual or group that opposes their unsubstantiated reports. This is the reason ratings have dropped so low for many of the MSM outlets that have been around for decades.

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