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Miley Cyrus Gets HUMILIATED After Insulting Trump, Now Says She’s Leaving America For Good

The horde of Hollywood Hillary Clinton fans who pledged to move to Canada if Donald Trump got elected are being mocked on Twitter. Scores of celebrities, such as Lena Dunham, Miley Cyrus and Bryan Cranston had all threatened to leave the United States if Trump became the next U.S. president.

But since Clinton’s crushing defeat last night, the vocal Hillary supporters been silent about their future travel plans. Now Trump supporters have begun trolling the celebrities on Twitter, demanding to know when they are leaving.

Before election night, Miley Cyrus and numerous other American celebrities threatened to move out of the country to avoid living under newly-elected President Trump. As the Mirror reports, other famous female faces who can’t stand the thought of a reality show star running the free world include Amy Schumer, Cher, and Lena Dunham.

Schumer said she would move to Spain if Trump won the presidency, while Cher proclaimed that she would move even farther away from America by catching a flight to Jupiter. Lena Dunham and Neve Campbell decided they would stay a little closer to Hollywood by heading to Canada, and Miley Cyrus didn’t specify where she would go. “We’re all just f**king jam between his rich a*s toes!” Cyrus wrote of Trump in a March 2 Instagram post. “Honestly f**k this s**t I am moving if this is my president! I don’t say things I don’t mean!).”

Miley Cyrus’ most recent Instagram post about Donald Trump — a screenshot of a Washington Post article about him getting booed at a polling station — has been flooded with thousands of celebratory comments from Trump supporters and internet trolls who want Miley to get out of America.
“I hope you are packed! do us a favor and don’t come back, please,” @udjlopez wrote. “You are a bad image to little girls, real talk. You might consider going to Saudi Arabia is a nice place to live and you might like it.”

“Go and move out! Puppet of the media!!” @peaksteam demanded.
“Now u need to get moving like you said you would u filthy skank,” @dannycats_mom wrote.
“If I say you would be missed that would make me a bigger liar than Hillary! Pack up your clown couture and get going!” @anniewolfe303 commented.

So our question to Miley: When are you leaving?

62 comments on “Miley Cyrus Gets HUMILIATED After Insulting Trump, Now Says She’s Leaving America For Good
  1. YAY! Shes a disgusting nasty pig that all mothers PRAY their kids don’t use as a role model! GO GO GO Nobody wants your skanky ass here in the USA. I feel bad that a great actor is stuck being related to a classless pig like that with no morals, no manners and no class!

  2. River Huntingdon on said:

    Who is this chavvy piece of rubbish ? Chavs is what we in England often call Trailer Trash. It’d seem she has a fouler mouth than a long sea sewage outfall, no breeding except possibly in a mosquito-infested pond, and as for class – forget it ! Morals ? Perhaps, if you’re lucky, those of an alley cat. Shows you how out of touch these spoilt luvvies are, Cher doesn’t seem to realise that there are no flights to Jupiter, though I’m sure NASA could be persuaded, using a spare, old, rickerty device !

    • Miriam Farnum on said:

      She doesn’t need to pack her trash, she IS the trash. Terrible role model. That’s my greatest complaint about all the skags…. male and female. If they have talent or not, if they aren’t half ass decent role models for young and PRE-teens, they can catch the net flight.

      • ClimateWhat on said:

        Cyrus, Beyonce’, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey – all they are is high dollar sex workers – if these are the women that appeal to black culture no wonder black men call women whores. Have you seen their shows? All they do is dress provocatively or don’t dress at all and pantomime sex acts.

        In the case of Jennifer Lopez it is actually sad to see this woman who is no longer a “young” lady sweating her no longer nubile a$$ off – sad and pathetic. Beyonce’ and Carey are not far behind her and for Cyrus, hopefully she’ll be responsible with her money and save herself the indignity of looking like an aging prostitute desperate for johns.

        • Alexiscevans on said:

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          • Dagnybbosch on said:

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    • PatriotGal on said:

      I already offered to help them pack the day after President-elect Trump had won. But no one contacted me…so as far as I’m concerned, they’re on their own now. LOL!!! But if you get a call, Mary, and need some help packing them up, let me know and I’ll be there with bells on.

  3. Josephine Pellegrino on said:

    Why don’t you take the corrupt, lying, murderous Killey with you if you think so much of her. But I don’t think she will be available for travel because there is reservation made for her already at the prison.

  4. rowdy matt on said:

    Hope You go Soon, …Take Your Trailer Trash Singing Act to the Dirt-bag Muslim Terrorist…. Bet they’ll Love Your Act…..Give them some of Your Trailer Trash Mouth…..You’ll be a bigger Hit Over there than You are Here…Bye, Bye…. Don’t let the door hit ya on Your Way OUT!!!!

  5. Dianna9490 on said:

    Miley- GROW THE PHOUC UP!!!! B a leader! Stop ur NASTY SHITE- clean up ur act!!!! Make ir Dad proud and stopping with ur boob which u hav none pussy grabbing showing yuck stuff! GO FIND HANNAH MONTANA!

  6. Bruce Walters on said:

    Miley, you are a total contradiction and a hypocrite. You rail against Trump for demeaning women as you strut your sleazy body while straddling a giant inflatable penis. You grope and grab your crotch like it’s going to run away if you don’t keep hold of it. do you think we are going to let our children be exposed to a filthy slut like yourself? Move, we don’t care where, just move, the farther the better. Move to Iraq, where they have special ways of treating filth like you. If you’re lucky, they may use you for a semen collector for breeding camels, sheep, and goats.

    • You claim to love your fans and America. But you twirk and act cheap – is this really how you want young America girls to behave – grabbing their genitals,trash talk, and total disrepect of country and the office of president? Seriously? Fir a petson that was somewhat cherished, you alone have trashed yourself. Not sure if can fubction outside of America but maybe it would take that step for you to learn what a great place this is. And whst a great president trump will be. You cant even give this guy a chance. So darn sad.

  7. Bryan Cranston has a movie coming out soon………….. #BOYCOTT BRYAN CRANSTON. Please people DO NOT go to his movie, I forget it’s name but it’s out soon. I am BOYCOTTING all those movie stars who voted for Hillary, won’t you join me. Let’s hurt them ALL in the pocket. Remember Katy Perry as well, she’s as bad a skank as Miley is. If we don’t go to their movies or go to their concerts then that hurts them financially. It’s working with the NFL…..

    • I agree, let’s hit them where it hurts the most..their pockets…come on everyone, tell your kids and family..boycott the hell out of them…

    • Miriam Farnum on said:

      I remember as a young kid, my father had a deer hanging in the garage and I remember it’s tongue hanging sideways out of his mouth. I’ve seen many more over 70 yrs……. always the same vision. Well, the first time I saw Miley stick her stupid tongue out, that’s all I can see. Can’t unsee it. It’s embarrassing to think she thinks it’s sexy.

  8. Joyce nevels on said:


  9. tax man on said:

    Has she left yet? I do believe that Iran would make a nice place for her to strut her stuff! And please take Cher with you! Glad to see you go!

  10. stadalberts on said:

    I will personally pay for her airfare, as long as she NEVER, EVER comes back to our great country. And great because both Obummer and Billary will now be gone.

  11. Mickey Mouse on said:

    You gonna talk or go? The world doesn’t revolve around this Liberal wack-job. Our lives march on without her and it sure doesn’t impact my life one bit. Miley Cyrus is not even on the level of insignificant in my daily function. She doesn’t put money in my pocket,food on my table,pay my bills. She’s nothing even though she thinks she is. Just entertainment and not an essential.

  12. Brad Becker on said:

    Such a cute child, but dam time to go. I am Tired of seeing you self destruct. You have turned into what every one thought was a nice young girl into a circus Freek Wannabe Porn Star. You Music stinks. You where very pretty when you where young , but you dress and act so weird, I can’t stand to watch you. I am sure France or Denmark or the Netherlands will be happy to have you.


  14. Richard Wells on said:

    When are you leaving? Do you need money for your one way flight to a remote island? Be glad to have you dropped off. Draining the swamp means ALL OF THE HELLYWOOD TRASH TO GO WITH IT!

  15. Dawn Doran on said:

    Miley is still on Voice…If she moves out of America, that means, she’ll leave for Australia, and live with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth…

  16. Netencho on said:

    AMERICA!! Google Pizzagate, you will see the whole story and this child molesters and children trafficking for sexual acts. SICK, REALLY SICK!! This idiot likes pizza alright, but not the kind you eat, well guess…..one could call it eating, like in cannibalization. Really SICK!!
    Good…. don’t need your pedophilia, nasty ass…smelling pussy in this United States Of America…. corrupting our children. Don’t need children molester, and pizzagate degenerate, illiterates in our society, you and your idiot pedophilia degenerates need to be in the Green House locked up, never to come out again. God Bless

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d1d5e840f626cf34084090d12922eae06f79dd8c32199498e7aa72b9fc5b7bbe.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0bbe17d77a7f74774c24204d304abc71812163c9c5b5095398ffb791ffde57e7.jpg

  17. Anna Patti on said:

    Miley Cyrus? whos is she? Whomever she is, didn’t even know she existed. Therefore, she will not be missed. Bye, bye. Don’t let the door hit you in your a@#.

  18. Deplorable Sparkle Plenty on said:

    Bye, bye skank. After seeing what your “act” consists of I can’t believe any responsible parent would EVER allow their children to go see it. You’re just another Illuminati puppet who was groomed from sweet innocent Hannah Montana to the disgusting freak you are now. Go!

  19. Hey Mily at least Trump wears clothes, doesn’t walk around naked like you…and for the record…you’r not all that…you are skin and bones with empty head..loser..Anyone who voted for killer, criminal Hillary…well it does show your true colors doesn’t it…Get the hell out of MY country….

  20. A_Nobody on said:

    ROFLMAO….she’s a humiliation unto herself. Make the move permanent. All of these phony entertainment and sports pukes think they can’t be replaced as easily as they leave.

  21. Fugi Man on said:

    … This piece of dog shit thinks more of herself than ANYONE else … must be a rude awakening for her to find that most people find this little bitch to be nothing more than a spoiled twat and her antics on stage make her look like a total PIG!! She’s ignorant, obnoxious and thinks that WE actually give a RATS ASS as to what she thinks or says. The way I see it, Billy Ray VIRUS just HAD to have sex one night and THIS, is the pant load that we have to put up with??? Jesus Christ!! Haven’t these idiots heard of condoms? For that matter, her momma should have swallowed .. ANYTHING that would have prevented this over priviledged sack of shit from breathing would have been fine, but NNNOOOOOOO!!! ….. Cyrus … her WHOLE family are useless and unwanted .. and ALWAYS have been. The least she could do is KEEP HER PROMISE …. Fuck off and MOVE!!! (and BTW .. Canada DOESN’T want your skank ass over here either)!!

  22. Robert Zane on said:

    We really would like to see you leave America,because you are a horrible role model for young girls.You are a slob
    you father has got to be hiding under a table somewhere.I thank God your not my daughter!!!!!!!

  23. Gentle Warrier on said:

    hey if you guys are thinking of Canada – forget it you are not wanted there either. move to Iran or iraq they could use you
    one way or the other.

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  25. 1WeBelieve7 on said:

    Could she hurry up already? Tired of these people taking up space on my computer everyday. Don’t think they deserve to be a part of the news and definitely not a part of my life. Go already

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